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Why You Need A Dashcam

One of the biggest reasons dashcams are being used today is to capture the unexpected. Too many times the unexpected happens leaving you unprepared, without validation, and stuck. With a dashcam you can easily catch perpetrators, illegal activity, someone backing

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Case-Mate Gilded Glass Screen Guard For iPhone 7 Silver

Case-Mate has introduced this spectacular gilded glass screen protector cover to match your wonderful CASE-MATE cases such as the Naked Tough Waterfall and Barely There cases. It will definitely make your iPhone 7 look more glamorous than ever. Read more

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Enjoy Movies on your iPad

iPads and tablets, in general, are having a stronger impact on our day to day lives and have almost taken over computers due to its ease of use. The expanding features developed by the Apple team and the App Store

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How to Extend Your WiFi Network Range

Do you find that your downloads are sluggish instead of zooming, like your internet connection speed promised? Do you get a weak signal or it keeps dropping out? Maybe you can only work on your laptop from one end of the house and not the other?

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Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Pro X

Telstra and Huawei have launched the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Pro X, the first Australian mobile broadband device to feature LTE Category 6 technology. This mobile broadband WiFi hotspot, the Advanced Pro X, is capable of supporting ultra-fast internet speeds by operating on two spectrum bands simultaneously.

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HTC ONE Wins Mobile Award For Best Smartphone At MWC 2014

HTC’s flagship device of 2013, the HTC One, has been awarded with the Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone at Mobile World Congress, MWC 2014, Barcelona, Spain.

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Optus 4G Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Opus has launched 4G Prepaid Mobile Broadband. There are two Optus 4G prepaid modem options, the USB Starter Kit which costs $169 and includes 6GB for 60 data while the Wifi Modem is $199 with 10GB for 60 days.

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Telstra Prepaid USB Plus WiFi MF70

The Telstra Prepaid Broadband 3G USB + Wi-Fi, the ZTE MF70, is a Prepaid USB modem and a Wi-Fi router in one. The WiFi can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. This is a HSDPA 21Mbps downlink capable modem

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Vodafone USB Classic Modem

Vodafone’s USB Classic Modem has Vodafone QuickStart, which makes connecting and using USB modems simple, easy and truly plug and play. It uses modern standards to reduce potential software conflicts, and a browser based dashboard for configuration.

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New Vodafone Extreme USB Modem 3G+ Data Speeds

Vodafone is offering a new 3G+ mobile broadband modem, the Extreme USB Modem, on all of their mobile broadband plans. The device called the USB Extreme or K4506 is 3G+ capable. This means that you may get download speeds up to eight times faster than Vodafone’s average 3G download speeds. When you’re within Vodafone’s 3G+ network zones.

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