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How To Connect Your Android Phone To A Bluetooth Device

Connecting your Android phone or any other Android device to a Bluetooth device is a fairly simple method. A few straightforward steps and you will be ready to listen to music, audio books and lectures via your phone. So, let’s

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the newest smartphones from Samsung. Coming from a long line of popular flagship phones, the S9 and S9+ have improvements in the right areas to make them worth considering when purchasing a new

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What to Look For In A GPS Car Tracker

 Keeping track of your car if a thief steals it or someone else is driving it can be a major concern for some people. To ease the worry of not knowing where your car is, getting a GPS car tracker

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Why You Need A Dashcam

One of the biggest reasons dashcams are being used today is to capture the unexpected. Too many times the unexpected happens leaving you unprepared, without validation, and stuck. With a dashcam you can easily catch perpetrators, illegal activity, someone backing

Case-Mate Gilded Glass Screen Guard For iPhone 7 Silver

Case-Mate has introduced this spectacular gilded glass screen protector cover to match your wonderful CASE-MATE cases such as the Naked Tough Waterfall and Barely There cases. It will definitely make your iPhone 7 look more glamorous than ever. Read more