Configure the Pocket Wifi 2 for Crazy John’s

Pocket WiFi 2

Pocket WiFi 2

Are you using your Crazy John’s Pocket Wifi 2 modem for the first time? First ensure that your SIM card is in your Pocket WiFi 2 and the device is switched on. Then move on to the below steps which will guide you through the set up of the Pocket WIFi 2 to use a Crazy John’s internet connection.

  • Connect your Pocket WiFi 2 modem to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
  • You’ll need the SSID, which is a unique name for your Pocket WiFi 2, and WiFi Key, which is the device’s password. These can be found on the inside of the back cover of the Pocket WiFi 2.
  • Now access your online dashboard to change your Internet settings. You do this by typing into the url bar of your internet browser then pressing enter. This will take you to the Pocket WiFi 2’s dashboard.
  • Select  ‘Change your settings’ and type ‘Admin’ into the box asking for a password. Now click ‘log in’.
  • Select the ‘Advanced settings’ options from the menu on the. Then select the ‘Connection Settings’ option from the list. Now select ‘Profile Settings’.
  • Next create a Crazy John’s profile by clicking on the ‘New’ button.
  • Enter the details below into the required fields:Profile name: Crazy Johns
    Connection number: *99#
    Authentication: Select ‘NONE’
    APN: select ‘Static’
    Click on ‘Save’
  • Select Crazy John’s as the default APN profile by using the below steps:Go to the ‘Advanced settings’ tab and then select the ‘Connection Settings’option. Then select ‘Connection Settings’. This should display a ‘Profile list’. You should click the drop down menu to view options and select then select ‘Crazy Johns’. Click ‘Apply’.
  • Your Pocket WiFi 2 will now ready to use on the Crazy John’s network.

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