Telstra Prepaid USB Plus WiFi MF70

Telstra Prepaid USB + WiFi MF70

Telstra Prepaid USB + WiFi MF70

The Telstra Prepaid Broadband 3G USB + Wi-Fi, the ZTE MF70, is a Prepaid USB modem and a Wi-Fi router in one. The WiFi can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices. This is a HSDPA 21Mbps downlink capable modem that uses quad band GSM and tri band UMTS. The MF70 also has an external antenna connection should you need to connect an external antenna.

The Telstra Prepaid USB Plus WiFi modem can be used as a stand alone WiFi device for wireless internet connection by plugging the device in to the charger to provide power or it can be used as a usb modem by plugging the unit into a usb port of your computeror you can have the device plugged into your computer’s  USB port and use WiFi with other devices at the same time. This is one versatile modem.

To connect via USB, insert the USB plug into a spare USB socket on your computer or into the power supply provided if you wish to use the device as Wifi only.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

To connect to the USB + WiFi modem using WiFi perform the following actions. On your computer, select your network and sharing centre from the tool bar, My Network Places, or via the Control Panel. Look for the new Wi-Fi connection that begins with TEWM which stands for Telstra Elite Wi-Fi Modem.

The modem has two LEDs one for network status and the other for WiFi status. If the Network LED is red this means there is no network connection i.e. the device is offline. A green colour indicated 2G connection and blue indicated 3G connection. The device will blink blue when data transfer is occurring on 3G and green blinking when there is data transfer over 2G.

The WiFi LED will be off when there is no active WiFi connection, will show solid blue when WPS is active and will blink blue when WiFi is active.

Enter the password shown on your security card which will be something like, 8847xxxxxx.

The password is case sensitive so type letters exactly as shown on the security card. Keep your security card in a safe place should you forget your password.

If you have lost your security card the default password is 8847 followed by the last 6 digits of your MAC address which is printed under the cover of the modem.

Open your internet browser and enter http://m.home in the address bar. You can also connect by typing the IP address in the address bar. At the bottom of this screen is a link to your account where you can check your Telstra prepaid data balance and recharge your mobile broadband credit. You can modify your settings via the Wi-Fi home page at http://m.home.

If you use a microSD memory card in your modem your computer will display a removable disk drive. You can use the modem as an external drive to store and transfer files. There are 2 modes for accessing the micro SD card, USB mode or Share mode. In USB mode only the user connected via USB can access the SD card by the removable drive mapping. Shared access via the web browser will be disabled when in USB mode. Shared mode allows you to share the SD card with all connected users via the Web browser. USB Access to the SD card is disabled in Shared mode.

MF 70 Features:

  • HSDPA 21Mbps peak rated device
  • 802.11b/g Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Connect up to 5 devices via Wi-Fi
  • Supports micro SD memory card up to 32GB

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Frequencies: 3G UMTS: 850MHz, 1900MHz, 2100 MHz, GSM: 850MHZ, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900 MHz
  • Expandable Memory:  microSD expandable to 32GB
  • External Antenna Connection
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Size: 94.1mm x 28.6mm x 12.5mm

This device is “Network Locked”. Please contact your Service Provider to unlock your device. Antennas for Telstra Prepaid USB + WiFi

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