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Reversing Camera And Dash Cam Combination Unit

HD-DVR 1080 Front And Rear Camera Kit RRP $219.99. Buy now and save $40.00!

Gator GHD5MR Reverse Camera & Dashcam

Unfortunately wreckless drivers are everywhere. And they cause accidents which in turn can increase your insurance premiums. And it can be a nightmare trying to prove you were not at fault.

Thankfully this dashcam and reverse camera kit can help you prove your innocence and help you reverse with confidence even at night.

This HD unit is a dashcam and a reversing camera. The kit consists of two full HD cameras. One camera is integrated on the back of a rear view mirror (dashcam) and the second camera is an external wired reversing camera with LED night lights. The monitor clips over your rear vision mirror and has a built in 5 inch LCD display

This dashcam and reverse camera combo unit is capable of dual recording from the front and rear cameras simultaneously. It comes with auto ignition power on/off, SOS function, G-sensor, photo mode and on screen video.

The 5 Inch Strap On Mirror simply mounts over the vehicles existing mirror and features a full HD 1080P Dash Cam for front recording while the universal surface mount camera for the rear of the vehicle features a dual function recording and reverse camera with built in LED lights for night vision.

The mirror will not only display an image of the rear camera while the car is reversing but also allows the driver to access dash cam footage for instant play back and provides access to the menu. When the monitor is not in use, the mirror will simply act as a mirror as it is completely reflective. It has universal straps so it will fit virtually any car and includes an accessory power adapter making installation a breeze.

This package includes a car charger and a USB to mini USB cable. As this device has no internal memory it requires micro SD card for recording (up to 32Gb), these are listed below. Everything else you need is included with the kit.

Gator GHD5MR Dashcam


Recording Times

This unit comes with no internal memory and must used with a microSD memory card. This unit will accept a micro SD memory card up to 32GB.

RRP $219.99. Buy now and save $40.00!

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Gator HD-DVR Reverse Camera And Dash Cam Unit
Gator HD-DVR Reverse Camera And Dash Cam Unit
Gator HD-DVR Reverse Camera And Dash Cam Unit