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Car GPS Tracker (4G And 3G)

The Gator GTRACK4G is a GPS vehicle tracking unit that allows you to locate and track the location of your vehicle in real time via the internet, on a computer or on your smartphone.

With car theft on the rise,and thieves not just stealing your car, they're stealing your keys as well! Some cars are fitted with an alarm, but what good is a car alarm if the thief has the keys and the remote to turn the alarm off? Using this device's app you can utilise remote immobilisation.

The major benefits of a GPS car tracking device are: theft notification and anti-theft, location monitoring, remote disabling of your car, fast theft recovery. This is a cost effective vehicle tracking system that lets you to locate and track your vehicle in real time so you can report the exact location of your vehicle to police in case of theft.

Not only can you see where your car is now but using the historical route screen you can see where you car has been. This is useful for tracking journeys as well as determining where the car has been if it has been stolen.

Remote Immobilisation: Using the phone app you can enable immobilisation and the vehicle cannot be started until you enable the ignition again. This can stop the car from being stolen. Or if the car has already been stolen you can prevent the car from being started again.

Geofence: A geofence is a perimeter set around your parked car. The tracker will then alert you if the vehicle moves outside that area.


Gator GTRACK4G Car GPS Tracker Gator GTRACK4G Kit

Package Contains

Requires SIM Card And Mobile/Cellular Connection

Over the phone tech support is available if you need assistance.

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GPS Car Tracker 3G And 4G
GPS Car Tracker 3G And 4G
GPS Car Tracker 3G And 4G