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Small House Wireless Security System - 5 Piece

The perfect alarm system for a townhouse, unit or small house, this alarm system will allow you to monitor three separate rooms and your entrance, but still includes all the features of our advanced security kits including an internal siren and alarm monintoring.

So easy to setup: Nothing to wire, Simple to install, Requires no more than a screwdriver, Only two cables: power & phone

With the Small House security system you'll get:
  • Advanced security console
  • 1 x Door Sensor
  • 3 x Motion Sensors

Advanced security console

  • On board siren
  • Two security modes:
    1. Away: all sensors are armed and the alarm will trip if disturbed.
    2. Home: allows family members to walk around the house without setting off the alarm, yet it will alert you to someone breaking in. Perfect for adding security to your children's bedroom at night.
  • Dial-out function that will call up to 4 numbers with a pre-recorded message when your alarm goes off
  • Dial-in function allowing for alarm and home automation control
  • Dial in and listen to the sounds in your house through the in-built microphone; excellent for personal security and safety particularly for the young and elderly; or arm and disarm the alarm
  • 7 day timer with 14 timer points
  • Ability to create 'lived in look'
  • The only part of our security systems which isn't wireless, the console needs electricity and a phone line connection
  • Door Sensor

    • Wireless; SWT (Secured Wireless Technology) compliant
    • Operates via a magnetic sensor
    • Can be used as both a Door and Window sensor
    • Perfect as a night time perimeter sensor to altert you if someone attempts to creep into your house
    • Small in size: 7.6x10x4.2cm
    • Built-in anti-tampering features

    Motion Sensors

    • Wireless; SWT (Secured Wireless Technology) compliant
    • Two sensitivity settings utilising dual element Passive Infrared (PIR) technology
    • Built-in anti-tampering features
    • 12 metre motion range
    • Operates up to 30 metres from security console
    • 90 degree field of view
    • Ability to report battery status back to the console

    Security System Features

    Price : $599.99

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