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The Easiest Way to Get 3 Obligation Free Solar Power Quotes
Solar Rebates in Australia 
expected to be slashed soon! Get 3 solar quotes now!

The Abbott government has handed down the review into the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and as expected, it’s recommended scrapping the solar rebate scheme which has helped over a million Australian Households save thousands on their power bills.

If the big power companies get their way and the recommendations are implemented, rebates will be slashed and system prices will rise considerably.

This may be your last chance to get in before prices rise!

If you've been considering installing solar panels (or expanding your system), now would be a good time to get take action:

Systems pay for themselves in around 5 to 7 years
Returns on investment of 15 - 20%
Slash your bills by up to 75%

Click Here to Get 3 Solar Quotes Now

Average system prices and rebates:

1.5Kw system - (8 panels)average price $2,500current rebate - $1,200
5Kw system - (20 panels)average price $8,000current rebate - $4,000

 “ Solar is THE most effective way of cutting your power bills now and protecting yourself against further price rises. ” 
Most companies now offer 3 ways of paying for your system:
  1. 1: Finance
  2. 2: Payment On Completion
  3. 3: Leasing

Use our solar savings calculator to determine how much you’ll save and how long the system will take to pay for itself.
We organise quotes from three Clean Energy Council Accredited installers who service your area. It’s a 100% free no obligation service. This free service lets you to gather all the information you will require about a solar power installation for your home and enables you to request your obligation free quotes in just a few seconds. Take the hassle out of finding quotes from reputable local installers and request your quotes today.

Solar Power Installations for the Home

The concept of solar power for home use has been around for many years now. With solar power, electric currents are produced when light falls on the cells of the solar panel. These currents can be used to electrically power your home and appliances. A solar power system installation can be a great way to make your own clean energy for home use and reduce your power bills and may even increase the value of your home. Any energy you produce from your system will save on your costs of electricity. When asking how much do residential solar panels cost and even how much do solar panels cost to install it is best to check in with a number of solar power residential installation suppliers and get a custom quote for your house and situation.

So you want to know how to solar power your home?

Installing photovoltaric solar power panels for home use does require careful thought and planning. To produce a greater amount of energy a greater kW system is needed. Have a look at your current power bills to see how much energy you are using a day. A 1kW solar power system will generate approximately between 3.5kWh and 5.0kWh daily depending on your location (directly related to amount of sunshine!) whereas a 3.0kW solar power system will generate approximately between 10.5kWh and 15.0kWh daily.

Solar power - how much does it cost?

The cost of solar power installation depends on the size and type of system you intend to install - larger kW systems are more pricey, you may need more or less panels, a specific tilting system for the panels... the list goes on. Home solar power options also include on grid systems and off grid systems. On grid systems are hooked up to the main power grid, whereas off grid systems are where the power you generate is only stored and used by you. They both have different system components you may need to investigate. With an on grid system you may also be eligible for the electricity feed-in tariff - this is a system whereby you sell back any electricity generated that you do not use in your home to your power provider.

The cost of a residential solar system can get financially offset under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme - check with your installer to see how this works. So just how much do solar panels cost to install though? Solar power installation costs do run into the thousands of dollars - the best way to find out exactly what the cost of residential solar system installation for your house would be is to check in with any neighbours that already have systems installed, gather data from various websites on the internet, check in with your current electricity provider and then start obtaining quotes.

There are many energy solar power systems and suppliers available in Australia so it is important to research carefully what you need and want, then for best peace of mind obtain three no obligation quotes from suppliers to keep down your solar power systems for home costs - as residential solar cost can get pricey unless you shop around. Ensure the installers you go with are accredited by the Clean Energy Council. The amount of solar products for home use and different installers out there is huge so dive in and get started to start giving back to not only the environment but also your own hip pocket!