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Telstra 4GX Plus Accessories

Listed below is our range of Telstra 4GX Plus accessories. Please select the type of accessory you are looking for more information.


Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Telstra 4GX Plus Leather Case Black $14.99 plus shipping
Telstra 4GX Plus Leather Case Pink $14.99 plus shipping

Micro USB Mains Chargers

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
2.4 Amp Micro USB AC Charger Graphite $29.99 plus shipping
2.4 Amp Micro USB AC Mains Charger Black $24.99 plus shipping
Samsung Micro USB Fast Charge AC Travel Charger $45.99 plus shipping

Micro USB Car Chargers

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
3.1 Amp Ultra Fast Micro USB Car Charger Black $18.99 plus shipping
Samsung Micro USB Fast Charge Car Charger $39.99 plus shipping

Micro USB Cables

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Micro USB Data Cable $8.99 plus shipping

Car Cradles

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Dock Holder And Charger For Smartphones With Micro USB Charger $49.99 plus shipping
Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock suits Large Handsets $34.99 plus shipping
Strike Alpha Universal Car Cradle Micro USB Charger DIY $69.99 plus shipping
Strike Alpha Universal Car Cradle Micro USB Charger Professional Install $69.99 plus shipping
Strike B2 7dBi Antenna Bullbar Mount Black $149.99 plus shipping
UCR10 Universal Cradle/Holder Charcoal $24.99 plus shipping
UCR20 Universal Cruise Cradle/Holder Charcoal $29.99 plus shipping
Universal Car Cradle Antenna Patch Lead Cradle - Passive Type $39.99 plus shipping
Universal Mobile Phone Cradle $14.99 plus shipping
Universal Windscreen Mount Large Cradle $22.99 plus shipping

Bluetooth Kits

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Bluetooth Headset Mini $19.99 plus shipping
Parrot Minikit Neo Bluetooth Car Kit $119.99 plus shipping
Parrot Minikit Plus Bluetooth Car Kit $99.99 plus shipping
Parrot Minikit Smart Bluetooth Car Kit $109.99 plus shipping
Strike Boss Portable Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit $124.99 plus shipping
Strike iK-1 Universal Bluetooth Car Kit Pack $179.99 plus shipping


Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Juice USB Portable Power Bank 2600mAh $29.99 plus shipping
Juice USB Portable Power Bank 5200mAh $49.99 plus shipping
Portable Power Bank 15000mAh $79.99 plus shipping

Speakers Bluetooth

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ10 Bluetooth Speaker Laguna Clay $259.99 plus shipping
LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ10 Bluetooth Speaker Obsidian Sand $259.99 plus shipping
LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ9 Bluetooth Speaker Clear Water $129.99 plus shipping

Micro USB Cables

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Micro USB Data Cable $8.99 plus shipping

Telstra 4GX Plus Review

Telstra 4GX Plus

Not all of us want to get a phone taken out on a contract - that commitment is kind of scary! Most phone contracts last for 24 months or 2 whole years. Who knows what we will be doing in two years? Can you even remember what you were doing two years ago? But then there's the prospect of paying outright for a smartphone. Most of the smartphones that you'll get on a contract will be over a thousand dollars. Now, paid off slowly over 24 months that's not such a big deal, but up front? That's a fair chunk of money to outlay, especially if you've got other concerns like repairs on the car to do, kid's school books to buy, or you just want to take a holiday...

That's why smartphones like the Telstra 4GX Plus are quite the godsend to the commitment and investment phobic. It's got all the features that you need from a smartphone but without the large price tag or time investment. At only $99 at the time of print on the Telstra website, it's the sort of compulsive purchase that you can make without feeling any guilt about later.

And it's not just a tired, lousy phone for that price. You have all the standard call, text, and app functionality with a large 5 inch screen so you can not feel like you're playing with a much beefier handset.

If it's functionality at a low price point that's your main concern, then the Telstra 4GX Plus covers all the bases. If you purchase the phone online through Telstra for $99, it also comes with free delivery right to your doorstep, as well as a new prepaid SIM loaded with $10 worth of credit for calling and texting. That's not to say that you have to use this included SIM by any means - the phone will accept any other prepaid or plan Telstra SIM. The phone is network locked, though so it won't for instance work with Optus or Vodafone. If you'd like to network unlock the phone you need to pay Telstra a fee. Check these fees first as it may not be worth it for such a cheap phone.

What's 4GX All About?

The 4GX in the Telstra 4GX Plus name isn't just some silly model number, it's actually put there to let you know about the network capabilities of this particular phone. The 4GX refers to Telstra's most advanced mobile data network within Australia. Telstra's 4GX network is capable of the fastest mobile data transfers within Australia.

Many low-end smartphones are only capable of using the 4G network, however 4GX is capable of speeds up to twice as fast. What this means for users is that you can stream content easily without it stopping and starting, and not have to worry about websites or apps taking forever to load.

While the Telstra 4GX network isn't available in all parts of Australia, this phone easily then picks up 4G and 3G networks, too. If you're locating in a major city though, much of it will be covered by the 4GX network.

What Else Does The Telstra 4GX Plus Have?

The phone is ready for all your photo taking, equipped with a 5MP Auto Focus main camera, as well as a 2MP selfie camera, for when you're wanting to take selfies or video chat with friends and family. This is especially great for when you have friends and family that live hundreds and thousands of kilometres away. If you'd like to take advantage of it, we recommend using either the Skype or Facebook Messenger apps. Both of these require you and your loved one to have the app installed and an account registered.

The Telstra 4GX Plus comes with 8GB of storage (3.5GB of space which is available to you) which is enough for light use and a couple of apps installed. If you need more memory on your phone, it comes standard with a MicroSD slot. You can purchase a MicroSD card with up to 32GB of memory to expand the storage space of your phone which is incredibly handy. You might need to juggle around with your storage settings if you go down this road, for optimal use.

Coming standard with the Android operating system, this means the phone is pre-loaded with all your favourite Google apps, including the Chrome web browser. To download new apps, you will need to bring up the Google Play store, which will need a linked Google account to work correctly.

Does Telstra Make Phones?

This phone, although branded with the Telstra name, has actually been manufactured for the brand ZTE for Telstra specifically. Telstra has a range of Telstra branded phones currently that have been made by ZTE. So, what can you expect from ZTE?

Well, they've had a history of making handsets for Telstra for the last ten years, when they made the Telstra F850. Over the years they have produced many models for Telstra so the pair have a reliable relationship. What this means is that if you trust Telstra, then you can trust ZTE, too.

Telstra 4GX Plus Accessories

The Telstra 4GX Plus can be outfitted with a wide range of accessories, just like any other smartphone on the market. You should seriously consider purchasing yourself a leather case, to prevent your phone from sustaining general wear and tear from inevitable mishandling.

There's also the charger situation. Most of us will need more than one charger, so whether it's in the form of a second AC mains adapter charger, an in car charger, or powered car cradle, or even a powerbank, you should always make sure that you've got charge while out and about.

Other accessories that you might like to think about include Bluetooth speakers, and Bluetooth car kits for while you are driving in the car and want to have a chat. There's also the Bluetooth headset, for if you like handsfree phone operation while out of the car too.

Telstra 4GX Plus Specifications

    4G LTE: B1, B3, B7, B28 (2100, 1800, 2600, 700) with 150Mbps Downlink
    3G UMTS: 850, 2100 MHz with 42Mbps data (HSDPA)
    GSM: 900, 1800 MHz
    SIM Card: SIM supports nano SIM size (4FF)
    Operating System: Android 6.0
    Processor: 1.1GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM
    Memory: 8GB ROM with >3.5GB user space, plus up to 32GB expandable external memory using microSD card
    Display: 5.0" 480 x 854 pixels, capacitve touch
    Camera: Rear camera: 5MP, 5x digital zoom. Front camera 2MP
    Image formats: jpg, png, gif, bmp
    Audio out: Earpiece, Speakerphone & 3.5mm headset
    WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4LE, 3.0: GAP, A2DP1.2(source), AVRCP1.4(controller),GAVDP1.2(Initator), HSP1.2(AG), OPP(Client, Server), PBAP1.0(PSE) HFP1.6(AG),OBEX1.1, FTP(server), DUN, MAP(Message Access Profle), PAN(Personal Area Networking Profle), HID(Human Interface Device Profle).
    FM Radio: FM Radio included
    Sensors: Accelerometer, Light, Proximity
    GPS: A-GPS, Stand-alone GPS
    External Antenna Port: Not available
    Battery: 2240 mAh Li-ion, non user-replaceable
    Video codecs: H.263, MPEG-4, H.264, 3GP
    Audio codecs: MP3, AMR-NB, AAC, AAC+, EAAC, WAV
    Size & weight: 143 x 72.2 x 8.8mm. 150g
    Network Lock: Locked to Telstra
    Worst case Simultaneous SAR 0.548 W/Kg in the head position, 0.644 W/Kg in the body position, 10mm spacing