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Accessories For Your Blackberry

Below are Blackberry models that we stock accessories for. These accessories include: Blackberry car chargers, Blackberry cases, Blackberry screen guards, Blackberry USB cables, memory cards, antennas, mains chargers, patch leads and more. Please click on the model to show a list of accessories for that model or type the model of your Blackberry model into our product search bar.

Current Blackberry Devices

Previous Generation Blackberry Devices

Blackberry: History

Blackberry started out their days as a company named 'Research in Motion' in 1984. The company built systems for other mobile companies before branching off to build their own paging devices in the early 90s.

Their first step into the world of mobile telecommunications came in 98, with their first Blackberry. This unique little device featured a paging system, a 6 line text display, and - the jewel in the crown - some limited email capabilities.

Rise and fall

That first leap, with the original Blackberry, caused quite a stir in the business community. The mobile's capabilities meant business could now be done - to a limited degree - while you were on the go. Their next model, a year later, was the Blackberry 850. It added wireless networking along with a QWERTY keyboard to the mix.

Throughout the early 2000s Blackberry sprung from success to success. Their total sales figures and revenue grew steadily and then spiked, hitting a huge peak in 2008 and 2009. Their saturation was such that people were referring to their devices as the "Crackberry". In 2009, Blackberry were named by Fortune as the world's fastest growing company.

But there is such a thing as disruptive technology. For all the success that Blackberry was having, another device was released in 2007 that would soon be enjoy the successes of Blackberry's: the Apple iPhone. Apple soon eclipsed Blackberry's sales and the rest is history.

Once valued at $83.4 billion, Blackberry are now worth around $2.3 billion. Sales as of Q1 2015 slumped to 1.1 million and the company is having to reimagine itself as a software company.

They're not done yet with the mobile market though. Blackberry are releasing their first Android OS phone in November 2015. The phone is rumoured to have an astonishing 18MP camera along with a full QWERTY slide out keyboard. Click here to read more abour Blackberry


You can still buy a wide range of accessories for new Blackberries as well as older models. Supported models are the Blackberry Classic, Blackberry Z10, Blackberry 8100 Pearl, Blackberry 8220 Pearl Flip, Blackberry 8300, Blackberry 8800, Blackberry 8900 Curve, Blackberry 9000 Bold, Blackberry 9100 3G Pearl, Blackberry 9500 Storm, Blackberry 9700 Bold and the Blackberry Playbook.

For phone protection, the accessories available include cases, from a variety of shell and silicon cases, through to leather pouches and flip cases and screen guards, to prevent the Blackberry's screen from getting scratched.

For data transfer you can purchase data cables to hook up your Blackberry to your PC, as well as PC Bluetooth dongles, for those computers that don't have Bluetooth, when you would like to use Bluetooth to send and receive data to and from your phone.

For charging, there are mains chargers, for charging your device in the home of office, car chargers and car cradles for charging your device while out for a drive, powerbanks, for phone charging while on the go, as well as extra phone batteries for those Blackberries with a removable battery.

Other accessories include a Bluetooth headset, for hands free chatting, Micro SD cards for extra memory expansion, car stereo integrators, to get your music through your car speakers, and a stylus for easy touch operations.

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