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Berlin Streets Go Red Courtesy Of an Artist’s Hack

99 Smartphones Used To Create Virtual Traffic Jams In Google Maps Globally, there is a sizeable number of drivers who will never leave their offices or homes without first finding out about the traffic situation on the routes they plan

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Google Pixel 4 And Pixel 4XL Announced

It’s 2019 and leaks are given but nothing quite like the Google Pixel 4 which is probably the most leaked phone in the history of leaks. Despite all the controversies surrounding its design, features and hardware, Google Pixel 4 and

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How to use your Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

A mobile hotspot utilizes the phone’s 3G or 4G cellular network and shares that network via Wi-Fi with other devices around it. This is especially useful when you have to use your laptop or tablet at a location with no

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How to back up photos stored on your Android device using Google Photos

Google Photos is the best thing ever! Not only does it let you free up space on your phone or tablet but, by backing up your photos and videos, it enables you to easily access them across different devices. All

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How to take a screenshot with your Android phone

Screenshots or screen captures are very useful for various reasons. These quick pictures of the screen are used for remembering information, capturing certain steps in a procedure, sending visual information to a third party and a lot more. There are

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How to block a caller on your Android phone

Scam calls are a bitter reality in the current times. With so many different ways of gaining access to our personal information, it’s not a surprise when we find ourselves on some unwanted caller’s list. If you are the target

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How To Connect Your Android Phone To A Bluetooth Device

Connecting your Android phone or any other Android device to a Bluetooth device is a fairly simple method. A few straightforward steps and you will be ready to listen to music, audio books and lectures via your phone. So, let’s

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How to use Find My Device for an Android device

Find My Device Find My Device is a very useful service offered on Android devices. It provides users with the abilities to locate, track, lock and erase a device remotely. Stolen or misplaced devices can be located and tracked. Devices

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5 Android Security Tips

Think about the information that your phone has in its memory – Personal photos, contact details, messages, emails. There is also the information you send and receive as well as banking details, passwords and login details plus more. Your phone

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How to backup contacts using Google on your Android phone

When you lose your phone or upgrade to a better model, one of the biggest concerns is transferring your data and contacts to the new phone. Fortunately, Google comes to your rescue once again!  When your contacts are backed up

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