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Apple Announces The iPhone 13

Apple announced the iPhones for 2021, the iPhone 13 series. There are four variants again in this year’s iPhone range: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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Coles Selling $359 Refurbished iPhone 8

Late last year, 2020, supermarket Coles commenced selling refurbished Apple iPhones from Boost Mobile . The first refurbished iPhone model selling was the iPhone 7 for under $300. These refurbished iPhones are pre owned and are likely to have been

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Coles Supermarket Selling Refurbished iPhone 7 phones

The latest iPhone range was highly anticipated and well-received, and it is clear that many people want to enjoy the iPhone experience. Nonetheless, a lot of consumers are put off by the high prices of new iPhones. The small iPhone

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Launch Event October 13th, 2020- The iPhone 12 says Hi, Speed

After months of anticipation, exiting rumors, and frustrating delays, Apple has finally held its iPhone 12 event. The hardware event was just as the rumors suggested. Apple used the event to promote the 5G technology in the new iPhones, unveil

iPhone SE 2020 Review

Apple has taken the budget phone market by storm by announcing the release of the new iPhone SE 2020. The SE 2020 is the second phone in the series and a significant improvement from its 2016 predecessor. The phone boasts

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New iPad Pro 2020 Release

Recently Apple announced its latest iPad Pro models, which have been built to advance the 2018 iPad Pro 11 and the iPad Pro 12.9. The latest release brings into the market a very potent iPad tablet that unlocks new possibilities

Everything to Know About Apple Arcade

Apple isn’t a company that’s known for video games! Apple is known for phones shops made entirely of glass and a frustratingly disagreeable level obsession with removing all the holes from solid pieces of aluminum (I mean the MacBooks). That’s

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iPhone 11 Pro Review

Apple has never labeled “Pro” on an iPhone as it would on iPads or MacBook’s. But they broke this trend this year. Pro essentially implies enhanced processors and larger screens. Although the iPhone 11 Pro has the same processor as

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2019 iPhones: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro And iPhone 11 Pro Max

Everything Announced At The Special Apple Event Today By John Hansen Apple held a special event at the Steve Jobs Theater in San Francisco today. Among other things, a new iPhone was announced. Here is everything that was shown at

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IOS 13: The New ‘Find My’ App and What You Need to Know About It

The Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps have had a few changes in iOS 13 and iPadOS. Apple decided to merge both of these apps into one app called ‘Find My’. The Find My app comes with a

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