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Cases Covers And Accessories For Your HTC Phone

Below are HTC models that we stock accessories for. We have cases, screen protectors for HTC, and many more mobile phone accessories

Current HTC Devices

Previous Generation HTC Devices

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HTC Phone History

HTC began life as the High-Tech Computer Corporation in Taiwan in 1997. To begin with, HTC was a design and equipment manufacturer that built electronics goods for other companies. They were involved in the some of the earliest smartphones, notebook computers and hand held devices, including the Palm Pilot.

They built products for Microsoft, HP, Compaq, Dell, Sharp and Fujitsu, amongst other heavyweights. They were the behind the scenes grunt on a great many devices - and had great successes in doing so. In 2002 they even helped bring out the first Microsoft powered smartphone.

In 2006, HTC finally started producing their own brand name phones. Models such as the HTC Magician, HTC Apache and HTC Wizard appeared, with an aggressive advertising campaign to get the HTC name out into the minds of the public. These first HTC branded phones were known for their innovation, with their slide out keyboards behind the large style screen you see today, and they were built with a Windows operating system.

In 2007 and 2008 came models such as the HTC Touch and its derivatives such as the Touch Viva and Touch Cruise, and the first smartphone with an Android OS, the HTC Dream, which also spawned multiple offshoots.

It wasn't until 2010 that things really started picking up with the release of the HTC Desire range, including models such as the HTC Desire 300, HTC Desire 510, HTC Desire 610 and HTC Desire 816 as well as the HTC Wildfire. By now, all HTC phones were running with the Google produced Android operating system.

This brings us almost up to speed. In 2012 HTC released the HTC One X, and then the following year HTC upped the ante (and their marketing campaign) with the HTC One M7. The M7 won Best Smartphone and Best in Show at the prestigious Mobile World Conference that year. Later in 2012 came the release of the HTC One Mini and the HTC One Max. From there we've seen the HTC One M8, HTC One Mini Two and HTC One M9 rolled out. The HTC One M models are consistently rated highly amongst users and critics alike.

After Q1 of 2015 HTC sit at around 3.8% of the smartphone market share in the US and 3% of the market share in Australia.

The HTC One designs are an excellent alternative to the Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone ranges, with similar specs, and the benefit of the Android operating system. By going with an Android phone over an iOS iPhone, you reap the benefits of a much more configurable environment. This makes the One perfect for business or personal use, with the Mini a great choice for either kids or those who like a smaller phone. Read more about the HTC Smartphones.

HTC Phone Accessories

Of course, with the HTC range, there are some great accessories that complement each device. Below are the most popular accessories available.


With any expensive piece of equipment, you will want to ensure its longevity. Imagine breaking a brand new M9 just weeks after purchase. No thanks.

There are many different cases available to protect your device, depending on whether you want something very slimline and hardly noticeable, something stylish and fashionable, or something tough and functional.

For more of a simple, rubberised skin-type case you can go with a silicon case. A Case Mate has an inner cushion that is then enclosed by a silicon bumper topping case and is textured for easy grip. It is bouncy so your phone doesn't crack when it's knocked and dropped.

Another option for the M range is the Dot View Cases. These are similar to the traditional flip open cases but with a whole lot more functionality built in. The flip open design keeps your entire phone and screen protected and the see through dots on the front of the cover allow you to see elements of the display through the case. This means you can see the time, notifications, and even receive and answer calls all without having to actually flip open your case. Very neat.

Another option still is the more traditional PU leather flip case, with a cushioned inner and slots for your credit cards. These come with a feature to flip the case into a stand, making it useful for watching YouTube videos or even movies on your phone.

The Otterbox range of cases include the Commuter and Defender models which are designed to keep your phone as safe as possible in protecting them from the elements. The Defender model is the more rugged of the two.

To protect your screen there are also screen protectors, tempered glass screen protectors (the tougher of the two), and InvisibleSHIELD Glass protectors (a step up again) available to adhere to your screen.


Along with your HTC you will need to power that battery. Think mains chargers, for home and office use, car chargers and car cradles, for while you're driving, and powerbanks, for charging anywhere at any time. Consider pairing your car cradle with an antenna for better reception when on long drives in poor reception areas.

Bluetooth Accessories

You'll need some Bluetooth speakers if you really want to make the most of your music library. Even though the M range have some of the best speakers in the smartphone game it's not quite enough sound to fill a room or house.

You can also purchase Bluetooth car kits for hands free calling, voice recognition and music library play while driving.

If you need hands free operation while out of the car as well then you'll need a Bluetooth headset (just a little clip in the ear) to make calls while on the go.

Consumers and critics alike love HTC for their all round impressive technology and highly functional phones. As the HTC One M8 tagline says, they're "Beautifully Designed. Inside and Out." Paired with the right accessories, your HTC phone can be just as useful as your computer or home entertainment system, without being as cumbersome.

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