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Genuine Otterbox Cases

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These cases give you the kind of protection for your mobile phone and tablet that inspires confidence. If you live a rugged lifestyle or work in a harsh environment that frequently puts your phone in danger protect your investment with a genuine OtterBox case.

The Defender Series case gives you tough protection for your tough lifestyle and withstands drops, dust and other accidents. Get protection that inspires confidence with the rugged Defender Series. Featuring a robust, 3 layer protection to withstands drops, bumps and shocks and comes with a built-in screen protector to prevents scratches. The port covers also keep out dust and debris. The Defender case also comes with a holster-style swiveling belt clip

Below are mobile phone and tablets models that we cater for. Click on your mobile phone to view all the Otterbox cases for that phone.

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The Armor Series cases are waterproof for 30 minutes in 6.6 ft., will survive drops of up to 10 ft., These cases allow for absolutely no entry of dust and debris and incredibly the case can withstand up to two tons of crushing force. OtterBox knows how heavy the burden of a damaged mobile phone can be, which is the reason why they don't take protection lightly. The Armor Series outperforms what was ever thought possible for a smartphone case and is the toughest case they have ever built.

OtterBox: The Best Protection for Your Phone

OtterBox -the brand that is named after the cheeky little furry guy that you see at the zoo - is North America's best selling line of smartphone cases. Started in 1998, they have become a name synonymous with quality phone casings that can stand the test of time.

Your phone, without good protection, is left prone to knocks, drops, spills and cracks. If you choose to go coverless, you do so at your own peril. Many of the flimsy covers you see in fashion stores and retail outlets are to use purely for decoration - they provide very minimal protection against general phone wear and tear.

If you want a case that's going to stand up to being knocked about, you're going to need to get something along the lines of an OtterBox - with years of engineering and a commitment to continually bringing out more clever cases. You need something that can combat the inevitable table drop, in-bag scratches and, well, just living. You need something that will save you worrying about damage to your phone.

With a huge range to choose from, there's an OtterBox phone case in their catalogue for everyone. We've made a list of all the current series on offer below so that you can check out what would best suit your lifestyle.

Commuter Series

The Commuter series is designed for just that - the commuter. Be that a business person, student or busy person on the go. It offers drop protection, dust protection and scratch protection. The two layer case has a soft rubber inner core with a tough polycarbonate exterior and is slim and smooth, to slide easily into your pocket. The commuter series has port covers as part of dust protection.

Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series Case

The strongest of all the series of OtterBoxes, the Defender Series are built with an adventurous spirit in mind. Each Defender case has a three layer system with internal foam cushioning, and with total device coverage (including built-in screen protection for some versions) to guard you against drops, dust, scratches and scapes. This is the case recommended for those like tradesmen, parents of toddlers or simply the more clumsy. As part of its dust portection the Defender series also has port covers which keep dust and dirt out of you phone's charging, headphones and other ports.

Pursuit Series Case

An ultra-thin, ultra-rugged. Otterbox's toughest, most protective case. Advanced PursuiTech features allow your phone to keep up with you. The OtterBox cases are ready to go, this one's ready to go to the extreme. The Pursuit series cases feature port covers.

Symmetry Series

The Symmetry series is designed with style in mind. Its sleek slim design seeks to make clunky, ugly rubberized covers a thing of the past. The Symmetry series comes with the OtterBox superior drop protection it is renowned for. If you want a cover that will look good as well as provide optimal protection, this may be the one for you. The Symmetry series does not have port covers.

Symmetry Clear Series

Symmetry Series Clear is the slim, sleek and crystal clear way to introduce OtterBox protection. A one piece, effortless install and it's Pocket friendly. It doesn't get any easier or clear than this. The Symmetry clear series does not feature port covers.

Strada Series

If you love the leather folio look phone cases then you'll love the Strada series. A Strada Case has OtterBox's well known drop protection, a card slot to keep your credit cards in, screen protection and is made from genuine leather. The leather look is classy and timeless, and having the safety of OtterBox protection assures you that your cover isn't just all about looking good.

Agility Series for Tablets

The Agility series offers OtterBox's signature drop protection along with some handy features to have for your tablet. These include 360 degree rotation capabilities, a multi position stand for optimal viewing position and the added bonus that it covers your screen for protection against scratches.

React Series

Otterbox's React Series is a thin and clear case that protects your phone from drops and scrapes. Its solid one-piece form is precision designed for your device and its soft touch edges provide great grip. Wrap your phone with proven OtterBox protection.

Make sure you get the perfect phone for your circumstances and personal style. With OtterBox you'll find a case fit for all your requirements, with all the protection you need. Read more about these cases

Campad Electronics is an Australian stockist of Otterbox cases. You can pick up an OtterBox case for most popular phones and tablets.

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