iOS 14 Feature Releases Revealed In The Just Concluded 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple recently revealed iOS 14 in the just concluded WWDC 2020. This latest iOS version is set to rolled out for all iPhone users come fall. The update packs with it some amazing features that will transform user experience a great deal. Here is an overview of some of the exciting features packed in the iOS 14.

iOS 14 Feature

The Exciting Features You Should Expect


Widget support is one of the biggest headlines of the iOS 14 release. For the first time, iPhone users will be able to make use of smart widgets.  On top of this, is another feature that goes hand in hand with widgets – Smart Stack.  Smart Stack basically allows you to stack widgets by dragging one and dropping it over another, of the same size. This creates a scrollable stack whereby you have multiple widgets in the same area.

App library

The App library is also another new iOS feature. This is the last page in your home screen that has all your apps, grouped by category, i.e., you can have all your communication apps in one folder, gaming apps in another, reading apps in another, etc. This feature is especially useful to those people who keep a lot of apps on their phones.

Hide Apps feature

As an average smartphone user, there are those apps that you don’t quite need, but there’s no way to get rid of them. iOS 14 allows iPhone users to keep all these apps in one folder, and then hide the folder, using the Hide Apps feature.

Compact user interface

A significant improvement in iOS 14 also comes in the user-device interaction.

  • Siri has been improved even further. When turned on, Siri doesn’t take up the whole screen as it did in previous iOS versions, with the iOS 14, Siri will only appear as a small animation at the bottom of the phone’s home screen.
  • A second upgrade comes with the incoming call pop up. With the iOS 14, incoming calls won’t take up the entire screen, but instead, appear as a drop-down notification. This means calls won’t interrupt whatever you were doing by blocking your view of the screen. Also, you can comfortably ignore calls without having to end them or wait them out.
  • Picture in Picture will now be possible with iOS 14. It will allow an iPhone user to watch a video via a small window while using other apps.
  • Sound recognition. This is a great accessibility feature, especially for people with visual impairment. If turned on, it uses the phone’s microphones to detect sounds in the environment and notifies the user.
  • Sign language recognition. iOS 14 will be able to recognize sign language during group face time and put whoever is using sign language in a conspicuous space above everyone else. Although this feature may not apply to the majority, the inclusivity of the iOS 14 is worth noting.

Back Tap

This interesting feature allows you to simultaneously switch between apps, and perform actions such as capturing screenshots.

Ability to change default apps

iOS 14 now allows users to choose the default apps that they wish to use. For example, one can now opt to work chrome instead of safari as the default browser.

App Clip

App Clip is a feature that allows you to try out an app before installing it. For instance, you can play a game or order food with a food ordering app without installing the app.

Final take

The iOS 14, with its new features and upgrades, is designed to give users the complete premium experience. For those who can’t wait till fall to start using it instead of iOS13, the developer’s beta version is already available and can run these features.

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