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Galaxy S24 Series Phones

Here’s How To Use Live Translate For Calls on The New Galaxy S24

What Is Live Translate? In a world where digital communication is king, language barriers can often pose significant challenges. Enter Live Translate, a feature designed to dismantle these barriers and make global communication more accessible than ever. With Live Translate, you can effortlessly navigate foreign language websites. The tool works in the background, translating foreign text into your preferred language as you browse, eliminating the need for separate translation apps or services. But the real magic happens during text conversations or phone calls. Live Translate deftly translates unfamiliar languages into your chosen language in real-time, right within your phone app ...
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series circle to search

Google’s Circle to Search: A New Way To Search

Google's latest innovation, Circle to Search, offers a novel way to search on your smartphone — a simple gesture that eliminates the need to switch apps. The concept of Circle to Search is straightforward and intuitive: users circle an item on their phone screen, tap a button, and instantly, they're presented with a page of Google search results related to the circled item. The feature will initially be rolled out on five specific models — the trio from Samsung's newly launched Galaxy S24 series, as well as Google's Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, before being extended to other selected, premium ...
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Pioneering Visual Clarity and Durability with Gorilla Armor

Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, is setting new industry standards in both durability and visual clarity. This leap forward comes courtesy of Corning's latest creation - Gorilla Armor, the most robust, scratch-resistant, and optically advanced version of Gorilla Glass to date. The partnership between Samsung Electronics and Corning Incorporated has been instrumental in bringing this innovation to life. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the first device to feature the new Corning Gorilla Armor cover material. This advanced material offers an unparalleled blend of durability and visual clarity, providing a richer display in sunlight and enhanced protection ...
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With Samsung Galaxy S24 x Google Gen AI

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: A New Era of Mobile AI Powered by Google Cloud

Samsung and Google Cloud have announced a groundbreaking partnership, aiming to bring generative artificial intelligence (AI) to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This partnership marks the first time Google Cloud's Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 will be deployed on Vertex AI and delivered via the cloud to smartphone devices. The announcement was made during the Galaxy Unpacked event in San Jose, California, where the Galaxy S24 series was unveiled. Janghyun Yoon, Corporate EVP and Head of Software Office of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the shared vision between Google and Samsung of ...
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Galaxy S24 Series Phones

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ready To Hit Stores

Samsung has today launched the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24, introducing a revolutionary mobile experience with Galaxy AI. The Galaxy S series is pioneering a new age of mobile technology that will transform the way users interact with their devices. AI enhances virtually every feature on the Galaxy S24 series, from facilitating seamless communication with smart text and call translations, to unlocking creative potential with the Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, to redefining search capabilities that will alter how Galaxy users explore their surroundings. Galaxy S24 Phones Now With Galaxy AI A highlight of the unveiling of Samsung's S24 ...
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Apple iPhone 15 Pro lineup colour lineup

Apple Overtakes Samsung In Global Smartphone Sales

Apple's Triumph: Dethrones Samsung in Smartphone Wars Apple has emerged as the new leader in the fiercely competitive smartphone market, surpassing long-standing rival Samsung. This milestone achievement has sent waves through the industry, prompting speculation about the underlying factors that contributed to Apple's triumph. Key Takeaways Apple surpasses Samsung to become the world's top smartphone seller, with the iPhone selling 234.6 million units in 2023.Factors contributing to Apple's success include the increasing popularity of high-end devices, the release of the iPhone 15, and Apple's established position as the largest smartphone maker in terms of revenues and profits.Samsung is expected to ...
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Emergency SOS via Satellite

Apple Extends Emergency SOS via Satellite for Additional Year for iPhone 14 Users

In a significant development, Apple has announced that it will be extending the availability of its Emergency SOS via satellite feature for an additional year at no extra cost for existing iPhone 14 users. The innovative service, which was introduced a year ago and is now available in 16 countries and regions on the iPhone 15 lineup as well, allows users to text with emergency services even when they are outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. The announcement comes after multiple instances where the Emergency SOS via satellite has proven critical in saving lives. “From a man rescued after his ...
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Apple Unveils iPhone 15: A Game-Changer for iPhone Enthusiasts

For iPhone aficionados, the annual Apple product launch event is akin to Christmas morning. It's a moment of anticipation and excitement, as we eagerly await what the tech giant has in store for us. And this year, Apple has not disappointed. The much-anticipated iPhone 15 has been officially unveiled, and it brings a slew of exciting new features to the table. Let's dive in and explore what makes this latest iteration of the iconic iPhone so special. The Transition to USB-C: A Necessary Move One of the most significant changes in the iPhone 15 is the transition from Apple's proprietary ...
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Apple Wonderlust Event

Apple’s September Wonderlust iPhone 15 Launch Event

Great news for iPhone owners! The highly anticipated iPhone 15 launch date has been set for September 12. Apple will be unveiling its new range of iPhones and next-generation smartwatches at 10 a.m. California time, which is 3 a.m. on September 13 in Australia. Based on previous years' timelines, pre-orders for the iPhone 15 are expected to begin in Australia on September 15, with in-store availability starting on September 22. So mark your calendars! Under the tagline "Wonderlust," Apple plans to introduce two entry-level models and two high-end models in the iPhone 15 range. One major change we can anticipate ...
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Apple Emergency SOS AU Find My

Emergency SOS Via Satellite Now Available On The iPhone 14 Series In Australia And New Zealand

Emergency SOS via Satellite Emergency SOS via Satellite, a new function available on Apple's iPhone 14 handsets in Australia and New Zealand, has the potential to save lives in our most remote regions. iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite Emergency Relay Centre As of today, 15 March 2023 Apple has introduced their groundbreaking safety service called Emergency SOS via satellite, for iPhone 14 users in Australia and New Zealand. This innovative technology allows users to connect with emergency services even when they are outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. It is an important feature that ensures users can reach out ...
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