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Samsung Galaxy S22

Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S22

If you're looking for a way to charge your new Galaxy S22 phone without worrying about cables, you'll want to invest in a wireless charger. Wireless charging has been around for a good while now, but it's only in the last couple of years that it's started to take off. Samsung has supported wireless charging since the Galaxy S6, and there are now several different options available on the market. So, what are the best wireless chargers for the Galaxy S22? Wireless charging is the transfer of power from a power outlet to your device without a connecting cable. It's ...
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Samsung Galaxy S22

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases and Screen Protectors

If you're like most people, you probably take great care of your smartphone. You likely use a case to protect it from damage and a screen protector to keep the display in good condition. So, what are the best cases and screen protectors for your smartphone? At this moment, there are several cases and screen protectors available on the market. However, not all of them are perfect. There are a number of issues to be considered when buying the case and screen protector. If we consider the screen protector, then the tempered glass screen protectors, easy installation, and screen sensitivity ...
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Belkin BOOSTCHARGE PRO 2 in 1 Wireless Charger Stand with MagSafe 15W White

Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 13

If you are in the market for a new wireless charger, there are plenty of factors to consider. But with so many great options on the market, it can be tough to decide which one of the wireless chargers is right for you. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best wireless chargers for the iPhone 13 and help make your decision a little easier. Whether you are looking for something high-end or budget-friendly, we have got you covered. So read on to find out more! Belkin BOOSTCHARGE PRO 2 in 1 Wireless Charger ...
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2022 Galaxy A Sereis Phones

Samsung Announces Their Galaxy A Series Phones For 2022

Image credit: Samsung Samsung’s Galaxy A Event was held on March 17th 2022. With the Galaxy A series, the A is still for awesome and Samsung says that Awesome is for everyone. The A series are entry and mid range Samsung smartphones, although they don’t to have all the features that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series phones have they are still well, awesome phones. The Galaxy A series has always made Samsung’s core technology available to everyone and Samsung says the 2022 Series A has been launched to help users connect around the world and take creative strides. The 2022 ...
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iPhone 13 green

iPhone 13 Series Now Available in Green

image credit Apple iPhone 13 green and iPhone 13 Pro alpine green. We are pleased to share this news with you! Apple just announced two new colours for their iPhone line-up: a sophisticated and elegant alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and the ever popular iPhone 13 in an ethereal, serene, beautiful shade of green. These colours are perfect for those that want a little something different from the normal iPhone colour palette. The best part? They're both 5G enabled and have the same specifications as their non green stablemates! These recently released green colour options was something no one expected ...
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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Review

image credit Samsung With the Galaxy S22 lineup here, you may well be wondering what is the point of the Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 Fan Edition? Well if you’re after a phone that is suitable for different people with different interests and passions then this may well be worth considering. Continue reading to see how the Galaxy S21 FE 5G encourages everyone to explore, experience, and fully appreciate each day with its contemporary colours and diverse features. Design As with most Samsung’s handsets, the S21 FE feels premium even when it isn’t a not flagship phone and the Galaxy S21 ...
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Oppo SUPERVOCC 150W Charging

OPPO Announces A New 5G Hub And New SUPERVOCC Flash Charging Technology

Image credit OPPO OPPO announced a New 5G Hub with Flash Charging Technology and also two key advancements in high-speed flash charging at the Mobile World Congress 2022: 150W SUPERVOOC with Battery Health Engine (BHE) and 240W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology. OPPO’s 5G CPE T2 which is the latest 5G modem from the company. Technologies for Fast Charging OPPO has incorporated its self-developed BHE into the ultra-fast 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge, enabling the battery to retain 80% of its actual capacity after 1,600 charge cycles, which is twice the current industry standard, allowing for exceptionally fast charging while also protecting ...
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iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE 2022

Image credit Apple Apple has just announced on the 9th or March 2022, the launch of their iPhone SE, a powerful iPhone in an iconic design. The iPhone SE is the most affordable iPhone in the range of phones and features the powerful A15 Bionic, improved battery life, 5G, more durability, as well as a new camera system with advanced features like Smart HDR 4, Photographic Styles and also Deep Fusion. This is the perfect iPhone for anyone looking for an affordable and powerful option. Stay tuned for more details! The iPhone SE has the same design as the iPhone ...
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iPhone 13 Pro In Case

iPhone 13 Pro Review

Some phone users do not care much about the smaller details and frills as long as they have a functional phone in their pockets. However, some are just the opposite; they want phones utilizing the highest phone tech to deliver high-performance without negating aesthetics. Nothing describes this better than the iPhone 13 Pro. For people looking for a premium phone, here are a few reasons why this phone fits the bill. Design This phone looks much like Apple’s 2020 iPhone 12 but with several upgrades to the screen and cameras, as you will find out. These and the phone's overall ...
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iPhone 13 Mini In Strike Rugged Case

iPhone 13 Mini Review

iPhone 13 Mini in Magsafe Case If you love iPhones but also like compact phones, the iPhone 13 Mini is as good as small phones get. Making its entry after the Phone 12 Mini that under performed in the market, this phone features some important improvements that will hopefully spare it from suffering a similar fate. Besides this, there were many rumours regarding Apple scrapping the mini series altogether. If this is indeed true, they have at least produced one last impressive small phone to leave us with. If you are in the market for a powerful, yet smaller, easier-to-handle ...
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