Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Phone Review

Samsung’s A-model phones have been hitting the waves lately. While it may not be your ideal techy phone, Samsung’s 2021 Galaxy A-series phones are meant for consumers looking to stay up to date with new tech features without spending four figures. Generally, the A series is the most affordable series of Samsung for Australians and sits under the Note and S series. So, let’s cut the chase and have a look at one of Samsung’s newest models, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

Samsung Galaxy A32

For Samsung die-hards who want to feel the same as what’s offered in flagship models like Samsung Galaxy S21 or a mid-range option like the Galaxy A31, the Galaxy A32 5G may just be the right balance. In this review, we’ll look at everything that has to do with the handset, including cameras, release dates, performance, and many others.

Release date, price, and network carriers

Samsung announced the release of the Galaxy A32 5G on April 9, 2021, selling for around AU$499. Currently the non-5G version costs a little less from Campad Electronics at AU$494. The handset is available at Samsung, Telstra, Campad Electronics (Galaxy A32 4G), Vodafone, Woolworths Mobile (A32 4G) and Optus.


The Samsung A32 features a TFT LCD display covering a space of about 6.5 inches- a slight increase from its predecessor Galaxy A31. The screen is pretty solid and has a plastic back and Gorilla Glass protection. If you’re used to Samsung’s AMOLED display, prepare for a better and crispier version in this latest handset. It comes packed with a 60Hz refresh rate and 2400 x 1080 resolution.


Samsung’s photogenic users get a rear 48MP main camera, bundled with 5MP macro, 8MP wide, 2MP depth, and 13MP selfie camera. The main camera is still the same as in A31 but has better shots in low-light environments. This gives a reasonable performance taking shots at night and if you set it to Night Mode, you’ll remove a huge chunk of visual ‘noise’.

While this is not as pro-quality as flagship phones like the iPhone XR, it is decent enough to use for everyday shots. At such a price, a phone that can take 4K video recordings at 30 fps is not way off. As for the speaker, the A32 has one speaker which is clear and ideal for gaming and streaming options. 

Performance and battery life

Under the hood, the Galaxy A32 5G runs on a MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G chipset, a simpler version of the Snapdragon. While performance is key, it would be impossible to add a Snapdragon chipset at this price range. The 720 chipset is pretty decent and comes with Android 11 and Samsung’s Android skin One UI 3.0. The handset won’t be as fast as Galaxy S21 or even the S20, but it sure is snappy and has an ideal performance for mid-range to heavy use.

Most of today’s mid-range phones come with a lot of power and need a solid battery to last for long. The Galaxy A32 5G has a 5,000 mAh battery with a 15W fast charging system. It also comes with a charger that can take the phone to full capacity in around 2 hours 20 minutes. It is ideal battery power and even operating it at a 90Hz refreshing rate, you’d expect the handset to last for 16 hours or more.

The 5G factor

Not so many phones are 5G-enabled and those that fit the description, come in pricey tags. Samsung’s A32 is not an entry-level phone, neither is it this year’s flagship. What’s interesting is the 5G capability that opens up its future. At a mid-range price, you are able to buy a phone meant to stay above relevant for the next couple of years. 5G has proven to be a reliable network and boasts of latency-free and fast browsing.

Galaxy A32 5G Cases And Accessories

The new Samsung Galaxy A32 5G cases are available at Campad Electronics we have a good range including the Case-Mate Tough Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

It is important to note that because the Galaxy A32 5G and the Galaxy A32 (4G version) have slightly different dimensions cases for the A32 5G will not fit the A32 4G and vice versa. We do have cases for both versions of the Galaxy A32, the A32 4G cases can be found here. This also applies to car cradle for both of these devices.

Case-Mate Tough Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Also due soon are the Strike Rugged Samsung Galaxy A32 5G cases. These cases are made from shock absorbing rubber as well as polycarbonate and the case meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G). This lets the case provide protection against drops, scratches, bumps and dust.

Strike’s rugged case is ideal for tradies and those who work in tough environments as well as for those people who want something that’ll protect your device from all sorts of drops and bumps , even ones caused by falls up to 6 feet onto a hard surface.

Strike Rugged Samsung Galaxy A32 5G cases

Car cradles, mounts are also available for the Galaxy A32 in both 5G and 4G versions as are chargers and screen protectors.  

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Car Cradle

You can also view our range of Samsung Galaxy phone cases for all other Samsung Galaxy devices.

Conclusion: Is The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Worth It?

If you fancy what 5G offers and don’t really have the budget to buy a costly phone, the A32 is what you need. At less than $500, you get a budget 5G phone with Infinity V display, 128GB storage, 48MP camera, and many more features. That’s an excellent bang for your buck.

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