Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition Devices

Despite numerous new entrants in the smartphone space, Samsung has remained a leader in the global smartphone market, with an 18.8% market share.

Galaxy Xcover Pro

As far as mobile phones go, Samsung has not sat on its hands. Instead, the company has kept its eye on the market pulse and is adapting quickly.

One way this is visible is through the Samsung Galaxy enterprise edition.

What Is Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition?

Samsung enterprise devices are essentially designed for businesses. However, this does not mean the products, designs, or performance is different. On the contrary, regular customers can buy and use these devices, only that they are sold as a package.

These come with a Suite of software and hardware-focused at solving business mobility needs more than they do for individual Samsung mobile phone users.

Granted, a business can buy individual consumer phones and tablets for business use. However, these will have some blind spots and will not address issues such as:

  • Group use security
  • Supporting dual profiles, that is, personal and work profiles
  • Business financing
  • Life-cycle management
  • Maximizing productivity
  • 24/ 7 business support

What To Expect

Here is a more detailed look at some of the key highlights from the Samsung galaxy enterprise edition.

Knox for Enterprise

One of the key concerns for businesses today is the security of their network. Lapses in this can lead to security breaches that are inconveniencing, embarrassing and expensive.

Knox for enterprises is a suite for end-to-end device security. This includes an array of automatic deployment tools and security governance.

Desktop eXperience (DeX)

The Desktop eXperience gives you just that-the opportunity to work on a smaller gadget just as you would on a PC. All you need is to add a mouse /keyboard and monitor.

Microsoft Partnership

The Galaxy enterprise edition has a closer partnership with Microsoft. This offers access to Microsoft 365 productivity tools. It also offers a link to windows and a seamless overflow between PC and mobile.

Finance Options

Businesses get ample financial support. This is everything from Microsoft Azure services, and fleet management.

Business Rugged

Because business is not always carried out in swanky offices, business devices sometimes require toughness to suit their environment. This is what Samsung has tried to do with the Samsung rugged phones such as the Galaxy Xcover Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5.

Samsung tough phones are built to withstand harsh conditions, with supporting features like dust and water resistance. In the Galaxy Tab Active series, devices include Tab Active 3, Tab S7, and Tab Active Pro.

Besides water and dust resistance, these come with replaceable batteries and drop resistance. Their sensitivity settings come good enough to allow workers to get work done on their gadgets with gloves on. Think portable, compact, tough, and sturdy enough to go from your office to harsh job sites without skipping a beat.

The Take-Away

What you get with the Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition phones is the ability to take your business where the traditional PC can’t go. Other features like its no battery mode allow employees to keep working in situations where you would otherwise be cut off from your device, work, and productivity.

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