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iPhone Home Automation

What You Can Control

Using our iPhone home automation kits you'll be able to control lights, lamps, and your on and off appliances. Between our two kits there is only one major difference: with the 9 Piece iphone Starter Kit you'll to control more things in your house right out of the box than the 5 Piece iphone Starter Kit.

Home automation is simple with our starter kits but you're going to want to stop there! There is a whole range of compatible home automation technologies that go beyond on/off lighting and appliance control. You can incorporate irrigation, temperature control and security systems into your home automation solution.

The iPhone Application

Simple Setup

The iPhone has captured the heart of its users for its sheer ease of use. Simply touch the screen to operate. Our home automation iPhone application continues that ease of use principal with one page set up. Only having two things to fill in on that setup page things really couldn't be easier.

Simple Control

Simplicity really is key, and now this applies to how you control your automated devices. The easy to use interface allows for convenient On and Off control of lights, lamps and appliances, with the ability to easily dim and brighten lights and lamps.

Control From Anywhere

Our home automation iPhone application acts as a remote control, we do mean remote. Using 3G or Edge you'll be able to log into your home automation system and perform remote functions. Nearly home? Then turn on all the lights. Too cold to get out of bed? On goes the heater.

Server Messages

For those who want to see exactly what's happening when their using their iPhone or iPod Touch to control their X10 system our application has an inbuilt 'server messages' feature allowing you to see exactly what commands you're sending to your system.

PC Software

One simple piece of software with 60 automation functions.

You're not limited to the descriptions of your lights, appliances, or macros using our iPhone application; you can give it all the meaning and make it applicable to your home and your lifestyle.

All The Information You'll Need

When it comes to setting up the iPhone application to control your home on your local WiFi you'll need to pieces of information: your PC's IP address and the port number it's using. We have put it up on the screen for your convenience.

Control A Plethora Of Devices

While our 5 Piece iphone Starter Kit and 9 Piece iphone Starter Kit allow for control of lights, lamps, and appliances the accompanying PC software allows you to customise for both power line and radio frequency X10 devices; more than useful as you expand upon your home automation system. You can also include up to 60 devices and macros.

Our iPhone and iPod compatible home automation kits require the following:

iPhone, iPod Touch, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista

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