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Wireless Chargers

Wireless Charger

Forget the hassle of plugging your phone into a charger. Don't worry about messy cables on your table or desk. Use wireless charging. There are many phones and devices that have the ability to be charged wirelessly. The Telstra Tough Max, Samsung Galxy S6 and S6 Edge series phones as well as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets can be charged wirelessly. Many Nokia phones are capable of being charged wirelessly

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is based on a few simple principles. The technology requires two coils: a transmitter and a receiver. An alternating current is passed through the transmitter coil, generating a magnetic field. This in turn induces a voltage in the receiver coil; this can be used to power a mobile device or charge a battery.

The Wireless Charging Mat provides convenient charging without the mess of tangled charging cables. All you need to do is plug the Qi Wireless Charging Pad into a USB power source and place your compatible device on it for charging.

You place your phone on the wireless charging mat or wireless charging pad and your handset charges wirelessly, without you needing top plug in it to the charger.

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Qi Wireless Charging Mat $39.99 plus shipping
Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Round with Adaptive Fast Charging White $84.99 plus shipping

Qi is one of the most commonly used standard for wireless charging in the current market. Qi is Chinese and is pronounced 'Chi'. The principle behind Qi is to allow Qi wireless charging enabled devices to work with all Qi chargers. There is no need for separate chargers, cables, adapters when traveling.