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Reverse Camera Kits & Parking Sensors

Eliminates Blind Spots And Allows You To Reverse With Confidence!

Reverse Camera Kit

A reversing camera (also known as backup camera) is a type of video camera made specially for the purpose of being attached to the rear of a vehicle and to aid you in reversing or backing up. This is done by eliminating any rear blind spots.

There are wired and wireless reversing camera kits. The wireless kits have the camera powered from the reverse lights and video is wirelessly sent to the kit's monitor. Wireless provides a quicker and easier installation.

Some of the kits have the monitor clipping on to the rearview mirror whilst other kits provide a dash mounted monitor.

The camera is attached to the rear of your vehicle or trailer and the monitor clips on over your rear view mirror. This monitor will automatically switch to the rear view system only when the vehicle is reversing, ensuring safe driving at all times.

  • All vehicle makes and models are catered for
  • Protect yourself and others around you with wide degree rear vision

Ideal for use in vans, utes, 4WDs, caravans, SUVs, boat trailers, cars and sports cars with poor visibility. These reversing cameras allow you to reverse with confidence!

That familiar and horrifying crunch that you hear when your car comes into contact with something it's not supposed to. A mistaken judgement when you are trying to parallel park, or backing out of a parking spot - these are the situations when you just think to yourself, "Why oh why didn't I see that?!" - or perhaps just a string of expletives instead!

Car Reversing Camera Kits

These universal reverse camera kits or backup camera kits are the perfect reversing system solution for passenger cars, at an affordable price.
Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
3.5 Inch Reversing Camera System Wired $79.99 plus shipping
4.3 Inch Gator Reversing Camera System Wired $109.99 plus shipping
4.3 Inch Gator Reversing Camera System Wireless $164.99 plus shipping
4.3 Inch Gator Wireless Reversing Camera Kit Dualtech $199.99 plus shipping
5 Inch Gator Dual Reversing Camera System And Trailer Kit Wired $529.99 plus shipping
5 Inch Gator Reversing Camera System Wired $164.99 plus shipping
7 Inch Gator Reversing Camera System Wired $239.99 plus shipping
Strike Universal Reversing Camera $239.99 plus shipping
Strike Universal Reversing Camera Hyundai $299.99 plus shipping
Strike Universal Reversing Camera Toyota $299.99 plus shipping

Caravan Reversing Camera Kits

These heavy duty camera and monitor bundle kits are the perfect caravan rear view camera systems.
Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Strike 4.3 Inch RVM Replacement Monitor and Dual HD Camera Bundle $649.99 plus shipping
Strike 4.3 Inch RVM-Clip on Monitor and Dual HD Camera Bundle $649.99 plus shipping
Strike Tough Monitor and Dual HD Camera Bundle $729.99 plus shipping

Truck Reversing Camera Kits

These heavy duty camera and monitor kits are the perfect truck reverse camera systems.
Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Strike Tough 5 Inch Monitor and Double HD Camera Bundle $679.99 plus shipping
Strike Tough 5 Inch Monitor and Single HD Camera Bundle $449.99 plus shipping
Strike Tough 7 Inch Monitor and Double HD Camera Bundle $779.99 plus shipping
Strike Tough 7 Inch Monitor and Single HD Camera Bundle $569.99 plus shipping

Reversing Sensor Kits / Parking Sensor Kits

Reversing sensors are invaluable when parking and are a life saving, safety feature. Reverse parking sensors protect your vehicle and the people around it by giving an audible warning when an obstacle is detected. These stylish and effective reverse sensors are low cost, and can be easily fitted on your vehicle without cutting or soldering. Check out our highly reliable reversing sensors. Available in two colours black and chrome.
Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Gator Reversing Sensor System Wireless LCD $84.99 plus shipping
Strike Reversing Sensor System Black $129.99 plus shipping
Strike Reversing Sensor System Chrome $129.99 plus shipping

For most people that drive, this has happened to them at least once. Now, car repairs can be very, very costly, and if you actually bump into another car then it can be a real pain sorting out all the finer details of the insurance - well, hopefully you have insurance in the first place!

Unfortunately cars weren't dreamt up in the current safety conscious climate. Consider if the designer came into the boardroom now and presented the car to stakeholders.

"Here's the car. People can drive them and go absolutely anywhere!" "Okay, looks great! What are the safety considerations? How are we going to prevent people from driving into each other?" "Hmmmm... Well, let's just draw some white lines on the ground and that'll stop it from happening"

Now that we have the technology to make cars safer - for everyone - it's time to start using it to avoid accidents. So how about those rear blind spots?

The best way to avoid these reversing blind spots is to get yourself a set of eyes in the back - a reversing camera. Now, there are many cars that come with a reversing camera as standard now, but what if the new model you're looking at doesn't have one? Or you'd like to pick up one for your current car?

Most reversing camera kits need to be installed by a professional and come with a high cost price tag. What you need is something affordable that is easy to install. And this is where Strike reverse camera kits come in. They offer an affordable product that makes having your own reverse camera in your car easy.

Strike reversing cameras have been a big name in car dealerships across the country for many years - which says a lot, as much of what goes on there across the day involves driving! As you can imagine, there's a lot of very precise driving that goes on in dealerships, because there's a lot of trying to fit cars into small places for display - just like a jigsaw puzzle!

Dealerships have used Strike camera setups because they offer superior performance and are easily removable. With these products now available to the public, everyone's able to get in on the action.

Strike reverse camera kits come in three different types: there's a truly universal kit, a kit for Hyundai cars, and a kit for Toyota cars.

Reversing Camera Bundle Pack There are three pieces in each kit which includes:
  1. Strike clip on monitor: The clip on monitor fits over your rear-view mirror and the image from the rear camera is automatically displayed when you start to reverse. The image disengages when you are no longer reversing, leaving you with your full view again in the rear-view mirror.
  2. Colour reversing camera: The small reversing camera gives a 160 degree colour image. You are able to mount the camera in many positions, not just on the bumper, and it's a compact size.
  3. 8m extension cable: For linking your clip on monitor to your rear view camera

The universal kit has a clip on monitor that will fit any rear-view mirror whilst the Hyundai kit and Toyota kits have clip on monitors that will fit Hyundais and Toyotas.

This kits are available to install yourself, or if you like, then you can hire an auto-electrician to help you out to do the job.

When you get your hands on a Strike reverse camera kit you won't understand how you ever lived without one. Whether you've own a truck where the rear end obscures your view, you're towing your boat, or you're just not that confident at driving, a reverse camera kit makes reversing a whole lot less stressful.

The beauty of these kits is that even when you're ready to sell your current car, you can take out the kit and swap it into your new car, or pass it along.

Strike are an Australian based company who have been dedicated to enhancing drivers' motoring experiences since 2001. The pride themselves as being leaders in the road safety area, and are committed to producing quality auto products with cutting edge technology.

They have expanded with offices now in America, Asia, and Europe, and have a presence through outlets around the world.

We stock Strike products as we believe they offer world class accessories for a superior choice on the road.

Types of reversing cameras


One of the first decisions that you're going to have to make when getting your reversing camera is whether to go for a wired or wireless system. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

First we will take a look at the wired rear view camera. Obviously, you have your system set up with your monitor up the front in your car for viewing. You then have one or multiple cameras set up at the rear of your car to set up the view. In a wired system, the two are connected by a cable. Because a cable system is mainly lossless by design, it results in the clearest picture, with the best results. Wired systems are usually a little cheaper than wireless systems, too.

The downside to the wired system is that it can be tricky to install if the car hasn't been set up to use a wired camera system. This will often mean that you will need to get a professional in to do it for you. While it shouldn't take more than an hour or two for them to set up, this will add to the overall cost of your system.

Wireless systems are usually easy enough to install by yourself. Because the system consists of the monitor and the camera/s, without a cable, you can just do the mounting process yourself without having to worry about wiring your car. Wireless systems, however, do get some interference due to their system design. This means that you won't experience as great a picture as a wired system at all times. Like we mentioned before, they are a little pricier than a wired system, too.

Dash mount or rear view mirror mount

The next choice that you'll have to make is whether to get a dash mounted video monitor, or a rear view mirror mount video monitor. The two aren't that dissimilar, except for screen size and positioning. Obviously, the dash mount cameras can be bigger in size because they don't have to fit over the top on a rear view mirror. You can get the reversing dash cams in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 7 inches. This is measured horizontally across the size of the screen, similar to a TV.

Rear view mount systems clip on over the top of your rear view mirror. The image then pops up over part of your rear view mirror, but only when reversing. This way, your mirror is just your regular mirror at all other times when on the road, such as when you're glancing back to change lanes. This system will come far more naturally to a lot of drivers, and allows you to pay attention to the outside of your car in your peripheral vision far more easily than the dash cam. The disadvantage, of course, is that the image is very small. This may not be suited to people with not as sharp eyesight.

Trailer attachments

If you have a trailer or a boat that you drive often with, then you may need to look at purchasing a trailer attachment for your reversing camera, or considering a product that has one bundled with it. These are generally more heavy duty than your regular setup, so it's important to consider.

Cameras for trucks

Trucks usually need extra assistance in the reversing department. Unfortunately, most regular reversing camera systems will not be suitable for installation in a truck. However, there are a range of reversing camera systems available specifically for trucks. These are heavier duty items that are designed to stand up to the harsh conditions that can sometimes come along with driving a truck.

These systems are wired, dash mount systems, with a 20 metre long cable for connecting the rear camera/s and the screen. These systems are a lifesaver for anyone with a truck, as it can be extremely difficult to see what is happening behind you.

Cameras for caravans

Similarly to those with a truck to drive, those with a caravan to drive about will struggle to see what is happening behind the vehicle. This is a very tricky situation if you do not have a reversing camera. Fortunately, there is a range of reversing cameras made specifically for caravans. You've got the choice of the dash mount system, or the clip on rear view window model. These systems are available in a wired model only and generally contain a cable that reaches 20 metres.

Reversing sensors

You might also like to think about installing reversing sensors. Either on their own, or combined with a reversing camera, they can help to save you from reversing into objects behind you. Reversing sensors have a number of sensors that you attach to the rear of your car in the specified positions. These sensors identify objects within a specified zone around the exterior of your car - up to 2.5 metres.

Systems then have buzzers that you install in the cab of your car that emit beeps when you are reversing and there are objects within the rear sensed zone. Systems usually have regions within the zone, so different beeps from the buzzer are emanated when an object is closer or further away.

Reversing sensor systems are also available in wired or wireless varieties, much like the reversing cameras.

No matter what your needs are when it comes to reversing safely, we've got them covered at Campad Electronics. With one of the largest and most reliable ranges of reversing equipment available to the Australian public, we have the systems that can help you reverse with ease. Have a look through our collection of passenger car reversing camera kits, caravan reversing camera kits, truck reversing camera kits, and reversing sensor kits or parking sensor kits.

If you would like to know more about any of our products, please feel free to drop us a line to have one of our staff fill you in on all the details.

You might also like to check out our range of other car accessories. We offer many different types of cradles for in car charging and GPS display, Bluetooth kits for hands-free phone operation while in the car, antennas for increased mobile range while driving, and a variety of other in-car phone chargers.