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Telstra Signature Enhanced Accessories

Telstra Signature Enhanced by LG

Telstra has long been top dog when it comes to Australian networks. They have had huge successes with internal Telstra products such as Telstra's BigPond internet offering. Telstra also offer for their customers a range of Telstra branded mobile phones and handsets.

The average person could be forgiven for thinking that Telstra actually manufacture and produce their own mobile phones, since items like the Telstra Signature Enhanced have only the Telstra branding identifying them.

This, however, is not the case. It has long been a thing that one mobile phone is simply another model of phone with a slick bit of branding over the top, and removal of the original manufacturer's branding from the phone.

Telstra's line of mobile phones that are Telstra only branded, are in fact other models that have been repurposed for Telstra's use. The Telstra Signature Enhanced is one of these such phones. The Telstra Signature Enhanced is a rebadged LG X Screen, so that is handy to know if you need to do repairs or some such other task.

Telstra Signature Enhanced was also released alongside the Telstra Signature Premium, a rebadged HTC One A9, and both are available exclusively through Telstra and Telstra vendors.

So, is the Telstra Signature Enhanced actually any good? That is the question. Let's go for a run down of some of the more interesting features of this phone.

Telstra's Blue Tick Rating

What is the Telstra Blue Tick Rating, you ask? Well these are the mobile phones that are certified by Telstra to give the best (Telstra) coverage within Australia. This means that if you're out in the countryside in woop woop somewhere, or you're in a very hilly area, etc., then these are the handsets that you are going to want to have to guarantee that you've got the best coverage available. Put simply, Blue Tick phones can get reception in places where regular phones cannot. Telstra have tested each phone extensively to ensure that it meets the maximum coverage requirements.


Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Telstra Signature Enhanced Leather Case Black $15.99 plus shipping
Telstra Signature Enhanced Leather Case Pink $15.99 plus shipping

Screen Protectors

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Telstra Signature Enhanced Tough Glass Screen Guard $10.99 plus shipping

Mains Chargers

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
1 x USB Port Mains Charger 1 Amp $10.99 plus shipping
10 x USB Port High Speed Charging Station Black 120W $89.99 plus shipping
Telstra Signature Enhanced 2.4 Amp Ultra Fast AC Charger $29.99 plus shipping
Telstra Signature Enhanced 240V AC Mains Travel Charger $18.99 plus shipping
Telstra Signature Enhanced USB Data Cable $9.99 plus shipping

Car Chargers

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
1 x USB Port Car Charger 2.1 Amp Black $4.99 plus shipping
Telstra Signature Enhanced 2.4 Amp Ultra Fast AC Charger $29.99 plus shipping
Telstra Signature Enhanced Car Saver Charger $13.49 plus shipping
Telstra Signature Enhanced USB Data Cable $9.99 plus shipping

Data Cables

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Telstra Signature Enhanced USB Data Cable $9.99 plus shipping

Car Cradles

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Dock Holder And Charger For Smartphones With Micro USB Charger $49.99 plus shipping
Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock suits Large Handsets $34.99 plus shipping
Strike Alpha Cradle For Telstra Signature Enhanced DIY $145.99 plus shipping
Strike Alpha Cradle For Telstra Signature Enhanced Professional Install $145.99 plus shipping
Strike B2 4G And 3G 7dBi Antenna Bullbar Mount Black $159.99 plus shipping
UCR10 Universal Cradle/Holder Charcoal $24.99 plus shipping
UCR20 Universal Cruise Cradle/Holder Charcoal $29.99 plus shipping
Universal Car Cradle Antenna Patch Lead Cradle - Passive Type $44.99 plus shipping
Universal Mobile Phone Cradle $14.99 plus shipping
Universal Windscreen Mount Large Cradle $22.99 plus shipping


Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Bluetooth Headset Mini $19.99 plus shipping
Strike Boss Portable Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit $124.99 plus shipping
Strike iK-1 Universal Bluetooth Car Kit Pack $179.99 plus shipping


Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Portable Power Bank 15000mAh $79.99 plus shipping

Speakers Bluetooth

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
EFM Malibu IPX6 Water Proof Speaker $119.99 plus shipping
Extreme MECHA H20 BT Speaker Black $84.99 plus shipping

The current range of Blue Tick approved phones on a plan includes the Telstra Signature Enhanced, the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Apple iPhone 6S, the Microsoft Lumia 640, the Telstra Tough Max, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The current range of Blue Tick prepaid phones includes the HTC Desire 530, the Samsung Galaxy J1, and the Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini.

The Second Screen

One of the coolest things about the Telstra Signature Enhanced is its nifty always on 'second screen'. The second screen, in actual fact, is a little strip up the top that can display icons, notifications, etc. This second little ticker screen that runs along the top is always on, so that you don't need to unlock your phone or do anything fancy to see it and access its features. This screen is fairly dim when your phone isn't open, but you can see things such as the time and your battery level.

This second screen is particularly useful when you are actually doing things on your phone, rather than when it's not in use. This is because, for instance, if you were playing a movie on your phone and a call came through, the call would only flash up on your second screen, rather than interrupt your movie. From there you'd able to either be able to pick up the call, or easily ignore it and continue watching your movie without being actually interrupted (sorry Darren, mate, this is more important!).

Telstra Signature Enhanced Accessories

Making the most out of your Telstra Signature Enhanced is easy when you have the right accessories. There are a plethora of accessories that you can get to compliment this Telstra mobile phone. These include:

Mobile phone cases

Because mobile phones are small and not really the most ergonomic of shapes, they have a tendency to slip out of our hands and onto the floor. To prevent your Telstra Signature Enhanced taking hard knocks to the chassis, which can easily result in damage, it's recommended to pick up a mobile phone case to protect it. Choose from either leather cases, for a stylish look and soft cushioning, or rubberized cases, for something a little more bouncy.

Screen Protectors

Another part of mobile phones that is particularly susceptible to damage is the phone's screen. This is why we often see people walking around with smashed or cracked phone screens. Although the screen is made from reinforced glass, using a proper tough glass screen guard is recommended to further protect your phone from nicks, chips, cracks, and shatters.

Mains Chargers

While your mobile phone will always come with one mains charger included, this usually isn't enough. You want one charger for beside the bed, maybe one for the kitchen, and one for the office. Picking up an extra mains charger or two will mean that you never have to worry about bringing your charger from home into the office, or vice versa.

Car Chargers

How about a charger for the car, too? If you spend a lot of time in the car then you will need to think about grabbing a car charger for those long drives, especially if you connect your Telstra Signature Enhanced up to your car stereo to play music on the drive.

Data Cables

If you often need to hook your phone up to your computer then you might like to think about grabbing an extra data cable for easy access.

There's also a wealth of other accessories that you can think about picking up, like car cradles, which are especially good if you often use your phone for GPS directions while driving in the car, Bluetooth kits, for handsfree use either while driving, or just while out and about, powerbanks, for an on the go charging solution that doesn't require you plugging your phone into a socket, and Bluetooth speakers, for listening to tunes anywhere at any time with much better sound quality than your phone itself can provide.