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Solution Sheet Lighting 1

The Problem

You're home alone, reading a good book, and you hear a noise outside your backdoor. If the landing light and living room light were turned on, the house would not look so inviting to burglars, but you are too afraid to leave your bedroom. What would you do?

The Solution

The answer would be simple with the use of our Home Automation Lighting Kit. Simply press the relevant button on your remote control by your bed and hey presto, the landing light turns on and the burglar (or the neighbour's cat) is scared off.

The Problem

You've just arrived home from work late, the house is in darkness. You're walking up the front steps whilst fumbling for your keys. In the darkness, you cannot see which is the correct key and you take several minutes to find the right one. Once inside, you can't see a thing and you hope there is not an obstacle course of toys on the living room floor.

The Solution

Again, with the use of our Lighting Kit, this scenario would be avoided. You would have installed the socket module in your porch light, and a lamp on the landing would be attached to your transceiver module. You would have kept the pocket remote control in your bag, for nights like this, and would have been able to activate the two lights from the remote control before you got out of your car.

Description and Cost

Both of these scenarios can be solved with our X10 Home Automation Lighting Kit (LK15EB/LK15ES), which consists of:
1 x Slim Design Compact Remote Control - KR22
1 x Transceiver Module (including appliance module) - TM13
1 x Socket Module, which installs in your existing bayonet or screw light fitting - LM15EB/S
The cost for these products, if purchased separately would be around $150, but can be bought as a kit with significant savings.

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