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Solution Sheet Lighting 2

The Problem

Whenever we had friends staying overnight, or our kids wanted to hold a sleepover, we always had to leave the landing light on all night, just in case someone wanted to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. We always wondered why our electricity bill was so high!

The Solution

By installing a Hawkeye Motion Detector in the top corner of our landing, a light was activated to come on whenever someone left their bedroom. We set the in-built timer, so that it automatically turned itself off after 5 minutes and we soon noticed the difference to our electricity bill. The installation was extremely quick and easy and there was no need to rewire the whole house.

The Problem

There was a time when everyone in the house woke up, whenever one of your children went to the bathroom in the night. They could never find the light switch and would stagger and crash their way down the hall, into the bathroom.

The Solution

With the Hawkeye Motion Detector connected to your Home Automation lighting kit, your children's paths are lit for them, from the moment they leave their room until the moment they return. The in-built timer allows an auto switch-off function after a pre-determined time. The Motion detector is battery operated and can be installed by screws or self adhesive strips. There is no wiring needed because the motion detector communicates with your lights by a combination of RF (radio frequency) and X10. Simply set the correct "address" for the light or lights that you wish to activate, and place it on the wall. A built-in photocell can ensure that it only operates when it gets dark.

Description and Cost

Both of these scenarios can be solved with the following products:
This price for this solution under $190.00 and can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.
Remember, you do not need an electrician for this simple D.I.Y installation.

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