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Solution Sheet Lighting 4

The Problem

You've just bought your dream home and you want to treat yourself with the latest technology. It's an older home and to install most Home Automation systems would entail extensive rewiring of the whole house. You would love to have complete control of all the lights in your house by remote control, and would, ideally, love one of those touch screen controllers mounted on the wall, that you've heard about. What do you do?

The Solution

The answer is simple. Because our products utilise X10 technology, the home automation signals are carried down the existing power lines, therefore you do not need to rewire the house. By installing a number of X10modules in each room, you will be able to communicate with each of the lights and appliances and command them to go on/off or dimmed. The control of the lights and appliances can be achieved by either remote control, by a series of timers controlled at the touchscreen, or by using a series of macros which can be programmed at the touchscreen. By selecting the appropriate macro, say, a "Movie" macro, the system will turn on, off or dim various lights automatically and would even be able to control other appliances or devices at the same time.

Automating your house can be done at varying degrees of expense, but even when going to a sophisticated touch screen controller, mounted on the wall, the price may be cheaper than you think.

Description and Cost

To achieve the required results in this scenario, you would need a number of items from our range. In this instance, we've used: (based on a 3 bedroom house with lighting in lounge, landing, kitchen, bathroom and all three bedrooms)

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