Everything to Know About Apple Arcade

Apple isn’t a company that’s known for video games!

Apple is known for phones shops made entirely of glass and a frustratingly disagreeable level obsession with removing all the holes from solid pieces of aluminum (I mean the MacBooks).

That’s about to change though with Apple hoping to take a serious claim in the gaming biz with its own games platform Apple arcade.

We’ve got our hands-on Apple arcade and several of the games playable and found it’s unlike any other game service out there at the moment the better and for worse.

Here’s what you need to know about Apple arcade:

Apple Arcade

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple officially launched Apple arcade on September 19, 2019, in which they curate some of the 300,000 games currently available on their app store into a new AD free subscription service kind of like Netflix or Hulu. Well, the service is now available to try out for only $5 per month after a free month trial, and I can say for the mobile gamer; I think this service is at the very least worth checking out now!

Now I have not played the more than two dozen games already available on this service, but the ones I have tested out are very promising and are actually quite a bit of fun, and that leads us to the next question.

Where Can You Find Apple Arcade Games?

Apple arcade is a subscription-based ad-free game service, and those who are interested in it can join it by navigating to the arcade tab available in the app store.

If in case, you can’t find any of such option on your app store then you can try downloading an Apple arcade game, and you will be automatically prompted to join the subscription.

Can Apple Arcade Games We Played Off-Line?

Apple arcade isn’t a streaming service, and so all the games that you have downloaded on your device can be played off-line until you cancel or withdraw from the subscription.

What Games Are Included?

According to the official announcement, Apple arcade will give its user access to 100 exclusive games. Now, it’s critical to note that these games will be handpicked by the experts (but no one knows who these experts are) and the whole catalog will be updated monthly. Thus, you as a subscriber, will have access to new games every month. Moreover, according to Apple and I quote, “you can try whatever you want, whenever you want.”

Though I don’t want to make this post super lengthy; here are some of the best game titles available in Apple arcade.

1. Overland

Developed by Finji, it’s essentially a post-apocalyptic strategy-based road trip game. The primary goal is to make sure that travelers reach their destination without any harm. This means that you’ll have to fight with menacing creatures, scavenging for the supplies like fuel for your car, weapons, upgrades, first aids, and rescuing other lost survivors throughout the gameplay.

2. Bradwell Conspiracy

Developed by Bossa Studios and a brave plan, Bradwell conspiracy is an adventure-themed game that takes place during an explosion that occurs in the Broadwell electronics in the year 2026. The gameplay is quite immersive, and you get to experience the first-person narrative coupled with detailed graphics, and smooth gameplay.

3. Lego Brawls

Lego brawls which are being developed by Lego, as well as the red games, will be one of the most important and an exclusive Apple arcade game. At first glance, it assembles to super smash bros but is actually quite unique in terms of the destructible environment, classic Lego humor, player customization, and gameplay. Lego brawls will be an online fighting game set in everyone’s favorite Lego any worse. You will have the ability to create your own online avatar and perfect it with dozens of customization options. In this game, you will have to work with your teammates to build and operate different machines and battle other players to win the match.

Lego Brawls

4. Enter the Construct

Developed and designed by Directive Games Limited, who worked closely with Apple to create the world’s first virtual reality mobile game called The Machines, Enter the Construct is a science-fiction game that takes place on another planet. If you love flying fighter jets, shooting aliens, upgrading your weapons and customizing your in-game avatar, then you need to play this game.

5. Where Cards Fall

It is a narrative puzzle game that takes you through a story of adolescence in which you are confronted with a very uncomfortable but very familiar experience that you would have had in your own youth life.

Okay, that’s too much talk about games!

What’s Apple Arcade Cost?

Apple Arcade Cost

With an arcade, Apple is trying out the Netflix approach whereby you pay a monthly fee, and for that, you can download as many games as your greedy heart desires. That monthly fee is UK €4.99 in the UK, US $4.99 or AU $7.99. One hand five bucks a month feels expensive seeing as you probably would not spend that much on app store games in a month even if you’re the kind of person who’ll whip out their phone for a quick game every time an AD break comes on the TV; on the other if you are not what pundits call a core gamer this could theoretically be the only money you spend on games ever again.

It will certainly deliver basically an endless stream of attractive, enjoyable games to your Apple devices and if that’s all you’re looking for that $5 a month starts to look a lot more reasonable.

Is Family Sharing included?

To try and peruse you, Apple is throwing in some freebies. There’s a one-month free trial, and one subscription can be shared with up to five family members via an Apple family sharing account.

Is Apple Arcade Worth It?

I think this question should be asked every month or so when new games are added, and older games are updated. To make the price worthwhile, especially since now we have a similar Google Play Store subscription service to compete; Apple Arcade games need to be added continually and updated periodically. Overall, there are a number of great games to play and $5.00 per month is not a very hefty price. So, if you’re a big mobile gamer, I think Apple Arcade is worth it at this point, but if you’re on the fence, you know the good news here is that you’re getting a free month trial to decide if it’s worth your money or not.

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