New iPad Pro 2020 Release

iPad Pro 2020

Recently Apple announced its latest iPad Pro models, which have been built to advance the 2018 iPad Pro 11 and the iPad Pro 12.9. The latest release brings into the market a very potent iPad tablet that unlocks new possibilities for tablet lovers. One of the outstanding things on the release is the magic keyboard that comes with the iPad. The keyboard has its backlighting and a trackpad. iPad cases and accessories.

However, it is important to note that even though the new iPad has already been launched, you cannot get it from any physical store as all physical apple stores have been closed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic. You can however buy one from the Apple online store.

iPad Pro Specifications

It is important to point out that Apple has gone all out to brand the new iPad Pro has a potential replacement for most PCs. Looking at some of the specifications, it is true that this new release can outdo a good number of laptops that we currently have in the market. The following are some of its specifications.

Design and display:

In terms of display, you can choose between the 11-inch display or the 12.9-inch screen. The display comes with a 120Hz refresh rate that ensures that the screen remains smooth while you browse through the web. Both screens have a 264 PPI, which is quite okay for either size.

The screen features a liquid retina technology that gives a gorgeous and immersive display.


The iPads come with the stock iPadOS 13.4. But you can always receive and install updates in the future.


This new release comes with an A12Z Bionic CPU, which makes it so fast. You can seamlessly carry out any task with your iPad pro, be it the normal daily tasks or intensive graphics workflows. The iPad has an 8-core graphics processor, which makes it a good tool for 4K video editing, and even 3D design.

The iPad comes with an enormous battery that can be used for ten straight hours.


Apple smartphones and tablets are known to capture the best quality images, and the new iPad release has taken the picture, taking the game a notch higher. Though not a big focus for most people, Apple has improved the cameras with two rear cameras, something that has not been done on any other iPad before. It is important to note that the camera can even record 4K videos.


iPad Pro has taken connectivity to a whole new level. You can print, project, and send files wirelessly. It also has a type C port for your charging needs and connecting the iPad to external devices like a camera and an external hard drive.


Considering the features that this new release comes packed with, the set price is quite fair. However, it is essential to note that the price differs on different depending on the storage size, screen size, and for those that wish to get an LTE version. The cheapest iPad Pro 11 with 128GB of ROM retails at AU$1,329 while the most affordable iPad Pro 12.9 with 128GB retail at $1,649.

iPad Pro 2020 prices       

iPad                     Australia

iPad Pro 11 128GB      AU$1,329

iPad Pro 11 256GB      AU$1,499.00

iPad Pro 11 512B        AU$1,839.00

iPad Pro 11 1TB          AU$2,179.00

iPad Pro 12.9 128GB   AU$1,649.00

iPad Pro 12.9 256GB   AU$1,819.00

iPad Pro 12.9 512GB   AU$2,159.00

iPad Pro 12.9 1TB       AU$2,499.00

Final Take

If you want to revolutionize how you run things using your laptop but are finding it difficult to render images, edit video, then you should consider getting the iPad Pro.

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