Oppo A52 and Oppo A72, Which Is The Ultimate Value King?

When it comes to top tier midrange phones, fewer do it better than Oppo’s A series. The series always delivers value, and its two latest additions, Oppo A52 and A72 do just that. They were released within a month of each other, and almost wholly mirror each other. Both currently retail for the same price at $299.  Thus, the question arises: of the two devices, which is the ultimate value phone?

Oppo A52  Red Case
Oppo A52 Red Case

Let the battle begin…

Oppo A52 and Oppo A72 have a whole lot in common than in contrast, and choosing between the two will be hard.  For starters, as the two Oppo phones have the same design, look and very much the same internals, telling them apart is a challenge. In Australia, the Oppo A72 is exclusive to Optus and is locked to the Optus network. The A52 is available on multiple networks and is available for retail sale and more retailers.

They both have slim bezels, a punch-hole selfie camera on the top left corner, and even weigh the same. When it comes to display, both the A52 and A72 spot the same 6.5 inch full HD display. The screen resolution stands at 1080 x 2400 pixels for both phones, which beats most budget phones.

Going on to the rear, they both spot a quad-cam setup and a plastic back. What sets the phones apart is the colour. The A52 is available in Twilight Black and Stream White, while the A72 is available in Aurora Purple and Twilight Black. Of all the designs, the Stream White model stands out, but it may all go down to opinion.

In the camera department, both the A52 and the A72 spot a 16MP front sensor, which takes excellent selfies. Differences between the two-start showing in the rear cameras despite having the same quad-cam set up. For instance, the A52 has a 12MP primary camera while the A72 surpasses it with a 48MP main sensor.

Also, whereas Oppo’s A52 has a depth sensor and a macro lens, the A72 has two 2MP portrait style lens in place of the depth and macro sensor. The bigger sensor gives the A72 an edge over the A52 in terms of image quality. Nonetheless, for lovers of close up photos, the A52 wins due to the absence of depth and macro sensors in the A72. Both phones have 119° ultra-wide sensors, which take good wide photos.

Performance-wise, the two phones almost match each other. They both run on ColorOS 7.1 and Android 10 and are each powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 655 chip. Despite having the same RAM at 4GB, the A72 has a higher ROM than the A52. Their internal storage stands respectively at 128GB and 64 GB. Overall, the A72 is a tad bit faster than the A52 due to the higher storage space.

Battery capacity is another area where the two phones set themselves apart from the competition.  Both spot an impressive 5000mAh battery that can easily last you two whole days. The battery life drops by more than half during heavy usage, but is still a lot by midrange standards. Both phones come with an 18W fast charger and a USB C cable.


Oppo has done a great job with both of these phones, the Oppo A52 and A72 are clearly a step ahead of the competition in the budget phone market.  Sporting impressive displays, a big battery, and a decent processor, the phones redefine the phrase ‘more for less.’  In our opinion, the A72 has a slight advantage over the A52 and delivers more value for the same price as long as you are with Optus as the device is locked to Optus prepaid. Nonetheless, both phones promise to deliver exceptional value for every penny.

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Oppo A72 Case Wine Red
Oppo A72 Case Wine Red

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