Coles Selling $359 Refurbished iPhone 8

Late last year, 2020, supermarket Coles commenced selling refurbished Apple iPhones from Boost Mobile . The first refurbished iPhone model selling was the iPhone 7 for under $300.

Refurbished iPhone 8

These refurbished iPhones are pre owned and are likely to have been returned at the end of a mobile contract through a mobile telco or phone lease provider.

The Coles, again in conjunction with Boost Mobile, a prepaid telco that uses Telstra’s mobile network, have refurbished iPhone 8 models available at the supermarket supplied in partnership with Boost Mobile.

So if you’re looking for another budget conscious, affordable and reliable phone for yourself, your spouse, Coles is selling the iPhone 8 over for only $359.00. This is ideal for an irregular phone user who does not want or need all the newest features and all the bells and whistles and you will not have to spend too much money.

Last year’s Boost and Coles’ iPhone 7’s sold out very quickly due to high demand, and if you want to get your hands on a refurbished iPhone 8 from Coles and Boost we suggest you get in quickly.

The phones are subject to a through 72-point inspection to check they are in full working order and that they are not broken, scratched or damaged in any way.

These refurbished iPhones are fully functional although these Boost Mobile refurbished iPhones can show light signs of wear, they come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and can be upgraded to Apple’s iOS 14.

Any data that is on the devices is also wiped, and they phone is restored to factory software specifications. There is also a process where the devices are cross checked against a national police lost and stolen database.

So How Can I Get An iPhone 8 From Coles?

This is a while stocks last offer and has been available from Coles supermarkets from January 27 2021.

The iPhone 8 phones from Coles are available in Silver and Gold colours, and they come with 64GB of storage capacity. These phones are backed with a 12-month warranty. There is also  a charging cable and wall charger supplied you can also purchase cases for the iPhone 8 and for other iPhone cases from Campad Electronics. You can also read about all the different iphone models here.

These refurbished iPhone 8 phones from from Coles will cost $359, and this also includes a $10 Boost Mobile Prepaid SIM, that has 3GB of data over 28 days. The $359 promotional price will be available for a limited time, and will return to $429.

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