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Huawei P9 Accessories

Huawei P9

Know Huawei? They're the company fast growing in the mobile phone market, right behind Apple and Samsung, in fact. Experiencing a huge amount of growth, they are making a wide range of mobile phones ranging from budget through to your flagship models. The Huawei P9 is the latest in their range of flagship models, released in June 2016 in Australia.

The phone stands its ground against both the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. They're also a little less pricey than its competitors which make them attractive option, especially if you are purchasing outright. The phones look sleek, smooth, and operate efficiently. So if you've only heard about Huawei's lower end models, then the P9 may come as a surprise.

If you're a fan of Huawei, or just not vibing on either Apple or Samsung's products, then taking a look at the P9 would be well worth your while.

Huawei P9 Cases

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Huawei P9 Leather Case Black $20.99 plus shipping
Huawei P9 Leather Case Pink $20.99 plus shipping
Huawei P9 PU Leather Pouch $18.99 plus shipping

Huawei P9 Screen Protectors

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Huawei P9 Screen Guard $9.99 plus shipping

Huawei P9 Mains Chargers

These chargers require you use your data/charging cable.

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
1 x USB Port Compact Mains Charger 1 Amp $16.99 plus shipping
1 x USB Port Mains Charger 1 Amp $10.99 plus shipping
4 x USB Port Mains Charger 2.1 Amp White $27.99 plus shipping
Huawei P9 USB Data Cable $14.99 plus shipping

Huawei P9 Car Chargers

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Huawei P9 Car Charger Ultra Fast Charger $18.99 plus shipping

Huawei P9 Data Cables

The P9 uses a USB Type C data/charging cable.

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Huawei P9 USB Data Cable $14.99 plus shipping

P9 Car Cradles / Car Holders

Our range of car cradles and car holders for the Google Pixel.

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
UCR10 Universal Cradle/Holder Charcoal $24.99 plus shipping
UCR20 Universal Cruise Cradle/Holder Charcoal $29.99 plus shipping

Bluetooth Kits

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Bluetooth Headset Mini $19.99 plus shipping
Strike Boss Portable Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit $124.99 plus shipping
Strike iK-1 Universal Bluetooth Car Kit Pack $179.99 plus shipping


Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Portable Power Bank 15000mAh $79.99 plus shipping

Speakers Bluetooth

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Extreme MECHA H20 BT Speaker Black $84.99 plus shipping

Huawei P9 Features

Want to know the best bits about the Huawei P9? They're right here.

Leica Designed Camera

This is the feature that Huawei really want you to notice. While Motorola are over doing their collaborations with Hasselblad, Huawei are determined to push the envelope, too, with their camera collaboration with Leica.

Who are Leica, you say? Oh, just one of the most well respected camera houses on the planet. What this means for the P9 is an advanced camera to rival the latest offerings from Apple and LG.

The phone sport two 12MP cameras, with an f2.2 aperture, one in colour, and one in monochrome, to get the most out of your pictures. The lens is a 6-element Leica branded lens, and it comes with laser assisted autofocus.

The camera also has a huge range of options for you to tweak and perfect your snaps.

Slimline Design

We all want a phone that's slim enough to easily slide into our pocket or handbag. With the P9 coming in at just 6.95mm thick, this is an attractive option.


The Huawei P9, if you are wondering, is just as powerful as the competition in trial use. This is due to the HiSilicon Kirin 955 octacore processor, giving a beefy boost that means fast and smooth use in all circumstances. The phone also comes with 4GB of RAM.


Want to know all the important specifications of the P9? Here’s the list.
Size: 140mm high, 70.9mm wide, 6.9mm thick
Weight: 144g
Screen: 5.2inches diagonally, Gorilla Glass
Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 955 octacore, with 4 2.5GHz processors and 4 1.8Ghz processors
Operating System: Android v7.0 Nougat
Camera: 2 x 12MP cameras, and 1 x 8MP selfie camera
Battery: 3000mAH
Colours: Haze Gold, Ceramic White, Rose Gold, Prestige Gold, Titanium Grey, Mystic Silver, Blue and Red
Other: Fingerprint scanner, microSD slot


It's important to remember that the connector slot for the Huawei P9 is the USB Type-C connector, not micro USB as in previous editions of the phone. The phone comes with a reversible USB Type-C cord. You don't have to worry about connectivity issues, however, as it also comes with a regular USB adapter, so that you can connect up to all your older devices and chargers if need be.

If you're someone who finds their phone overflowing with apps, or music or movie files, then you should make sure to pick up a microSD card. With a MicroSD slot, this phone can add an extra 256GB of space - perhaps more than you could ever possibly need!

With all your phones, you will need to protect yourself by grabbing yourself a case along with a screen protector to make sure that it doesn't break if you go ahead and drop it. You can choose from a wide variety of cases, such as rubber sleeves, leather cases, and ruggedized plastic cases.

We usually need to have more than one charger on the go for our phones, too. If you drive, then you can pick up an in car charger for the P9, or a car cradle, which has the added benefit of being a nice place to rest for GPS direction instructions. You may like to purchase a second mains charger or data cable to go with your new phone. Then, you can leave one at home, and take one to the office, or out travelling, etc.

If you're really keen for charging while out and about, then you can pick up a powerbank. They're little devices that you can take along with you that store charge, ready for you to use it whenever, and more importantly wherever, you please. Make sure to purchase one that matches at least the mAH storage of your phone battery, and preferably more, so that you can get more out of it. For instance, a 12000mAH powerbank would charge the Huawei P9 four times over, since the battery capacity is 3000mAH.

If you're a fan of handsfree, or like to get to chatting in the car, then you'll want to invest in a Bluetooth kit to allow you to do so. Make sure to always use handsfree while on the road -it is against the law to be on your mobile without using handsfree in the car.

Or maybe you're into your music, or like to go travelling? If so, then you'll want to pick up a Bluetooth speaker so that you can play your tunes without it sounding like it is coming out of a phone - which it is, after all.

We stock all these accessories and more at Campad Electronics. So, if you need any accessory for your Huawei P9, or other mobile phone, simply have a browse through our extensive range. At great prices you will be assured of a good deal with quality products.

Campad Electronics is proudly Australian owned and operated since 1980, and stocks only quality products from leading trusted providers. We seek to provide a superior service and product to the rest of the market, so shop with us for peace of mind when buying your Huawei P9 accessories.