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iPad Air 2 Cases And Accessories

iPad Air 2

Below is our range of accessories for the iPad Air 2. Order a case, headphones, screen guard or leather pouch for your iPad Air 2. Please click on an item title for more information about that accessory.

The iPad Air 2 is the successor in the chain of tablets produced by Apple that starts from the original iPad, then goes on to iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad. The iPad Air 2 was released in Australia on Friday 24 October 2014 - the same day also as they went on sale in the US - and the tablets range in price from $619 for the 16GB WiFi version up to $1019 for the 128GB mobile version. The release also coincided with the iPad Mini 3 release. The device comes standard with iOS 8.3, which offers significant improvements over previous Apple mobile operating system release including performance improvements, signal and new emojis. It's the thinnest, lightest tablet in the iPad's history, but that doesn't mean they've skimped on all the other features: just the opposite in fact.

Look and feel

The iPad Air 2 is significantly thinner and lighter than it's iPad predecessors. Although it shares the same dimensions and screen size (9.7 inches) the device is almost 20% slimmer in profile (down to 6.1mm) than the iPad Air. It's also slightly lighter than the iPad Air too. The home button is slightly different from the iPad Air as it gains the fingerprint reader that has come standard with the latest versions of the iPhone, and there is an improved anti-reflective screen.

iPad Air 2 Cases

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
iPad Air 2 OtterBox Defender Case Black $94.99 plus shipping
iPad Air 2 OtterBox Defender Case Crushed Damson $94.99 plus shipping
iPad Air 2 OtterBox Defender Case Glacier $94.99 plus shipping
LifeProof Nuud Case For iPad Air 2 Black $159.99 plus shipping

iPad Air 2 Mains Chargers

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
AC Travel Charger 2 Amp MFI Lightning Home And Office Charger Graphite $34.99 plus shipping
AC Travel Charger 2 Amp MFI Lightning Home And Office Charger White $34.99 plus shipping
AC Travel Charger MFI Apple Lightning 2.1 Amp White $39.99 plus shipping
MFI Lightning USB Charging And Data Cable $24.99 plus shipping

iPad Air 2 Car Chargers

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
2.4 Amp 12 Watt Ultra Fast Lightning MFI Car Charger White And Graphite $39.99 plus shipping
3.1 Amp MFI Lightning Car Charger With Dual USB Ports White $29.99 plus shipping
MFI Lightning Car Charger White $29.99 plus shipping
MFI Lightning USB Charging And Data Cable $24.99 plus shipping

iPad Air 2 Cradles

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Strike Alpha Cradle for iPad Air 2 DIY $239.99 plus shipping
Strike Alpha Cradle for iPad Air 2 Professional Install $239.99 plus shipping


Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Portable Power Bank 15000mAh $79.99 plus shipping

Speakers Bluetooth

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
Extreme MECHA H20 BT Speaker Black $84.99 plus shipping


Hardware is beefed up on the Air 2, with a "desktop class" A8X processor, M8 motion co-processor and faster WiFi with 802.11ac. This combination is set to allow lightening fast gaming. Even if you aren't a gamer, you will be able to run as many apps as your heart desires, multitasking your way through them all. The camera is improved to an 8MP iSight that is capable of taking 1080p videos, with a 1.2MP forward camera for selfies and FaceTime.


From the home, to the office, to schools, the iPad Air 2 makes sense for any occasion you wouldn't use a laptop or desktop PC. Its slim line design makes it easy to carry around anywhere, even for a small child. The iPad Air 2 seems to have been designed almost to replace laptops in many cases, and if the 128GB version is used, you may even be able to do just that – albeit with limited space. Combined with a Bluetooth keyboard and cloud storage there may no longer be any reason to own a PC.


The tablet was touted at the time as a monster, with one of the best eco-systems available in tablet market. Sales of the tablet have been slower than expected, due to a tablet's lengthier refresh cycle than smartphones. While customers generally renew a phone contract (and receive a new phone) every 12-24 months, as many iPads run solely on WiFi, or if they are on contract there is no reason not to switch to a prepaid service, the refresh cycle is generally around 2-4 years. This refresh cycle was perhaps not anticipated when the tablet market exploded.


When purchasing an iPad Air 2, the only accessory that will come as standard along with it is the Lightning charger. To keep the iPad Air 2 in tip top condition and functioning as well as it is capable of, there are some other purchases you can make.


Since iPads can go from home to school or the office slipped into a backpack, a case is required to protect it from scratches. Case designs like the Extreme Velocity cases, with sleek design and a built in stand to view movies, Griffin Survivor cases, built to military standards for rugged use, Otterbox cases, for stylish but tough protection, LifeProof cases, the thinnest, lightest case that is also built to military standards, and folios, like the Kensington KeyFolio Executive, with durable fabricated sheepskin, are popular.

Screen protectors

If your case doesn't cover your screen (or you just want to be extra safe), you can purchase an extra clear plastic screen protector or tempered glass screen protector to help protect your iPad Air 2 screen from scratches and scrapes.


Generally one charger is never enough so consider extra MFI chargers, for the these home and office, and car chargers for use while driving in your car, car cradles that charge your iPad Air 2 and allow maps display for tracking where you're going on GPS, and powerbanks, to slip into your bag the go anywhere recharge while you're out and about.

Other Accessories

Other accessories that you may find useful are Bluetooth keyboards so you can use your iPad Air for word pressing, emails, or any other typing intensive activity, Bluetooth speakers, for blasting out your iTunes library or Spotify whenever you need it most, and stylus pens, for drawing cool designs or jotting down notes.

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