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Home > Tablet Accessories > Optus Mytab ZTE V9

Optus MyTab (ZTE V9) Accessories

Optus MyTab ZTE V9

Below is our range of Optus MyTab accessories. Buy a leather case, headphones, screen guard or charger for your MyTab. Please click on an item title for more information about that accessory.

The Optus Mytab is made by ZTE and is an Android tablet, the device's 7inch screen is a TFT display which uses resistive touch and has a WVGA resolution.

The Mytab weighs in at 350 grams and the ZTE V9 as it's also known has a 3.5mm headphone socket, a micro-USB port and a microSD card slot fitted with 2GB of memory.

The Mytab comes with Android version 2.1 known as the Éclair version, and has Gmail, calendar and Google Maps. There's also the Android music player, stock video player and WebKit web browser in the Mytab.

Picture Item Title Item Price Buy It
1 x USB Port Mains Charger 1 Amp $13.49 plus shipping
Coby Digital Stereo Earphones $9.99 plus shipping
Micro SD 16 GB Memory Card $25.99 plus shipping
Micro SD 32 GB Memory Card $42.99 plus shipping
Micro SD 8GB Memory Card $15.99 plus shipping
Optus MyTab (ZTE V9) 240V AC Mains Travel Charger $21.99 plus shipping
Optus MyTab (ZTE V9) In Car Charger $8.99 plus shipping
Optus MyTab (ZTE V9) Leather Case $39.99 plus shipping
Optus MyTab (ZTE V9) Screen Guard $11.99 plus shipping
Optus MyTab (ZTE V9) USB Data Cable Cable $9.99 plus shipping