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Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9

Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi is selling their flagship 4G Mi 9 phone via their online Australian store. What makes the Mi 9 really special is its wireless fast charging capabilities. Xiaomi state that this is the first handset to use

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Alternative Mobile Service Providers: A Better Solution?

Mobile Reception

We all know the big names in the game when it comes to mobile phone service providers in Australia: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone… But what about the smaller names? Who are they and what do they provide? Why should you consider

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Mobile Payments: Shop n Pay From Your Mobile Phone

The latest in technology from big guns Apple, Google and Samsung is the introduction of mobile payments on board their flagship phones. With mobile payments the future is looming – do away with cash and credit cards (possibly your whole wallet) – and just use your mobile phone to buy goods and services.

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Mobile Security Tips

IPad Mini (1st Generation)

With a shift towards all of our lives being available online via a huge web – think social media accounts, emails, banking details, work – and this web all being accessible via your phone or tablet, we have to start thinking seriously about the security implications of what that means should someone wish to gain access to it.

Hacks to Make Your Phone Run Faster

Smart Phone

Tips and tricks to get your smartphone running faster

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10 USB Port Charging Station

10 USB Port Charging Station

This 10 USB Port Charging Station eliminates the need for you to swap between different power adapters and it only occupies one power outlet.

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Telstra Easycall 3

Telstra Easycall 3

The Telstra Easycall 3 is the next evolution of Telstra’s Easycall mobile phones and is available in charcoal grey or white. The Easycall 3 comes with large buttons and has a large number display that provides easy dialling.

ATLAS Case For iPhone 5 Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof


Incipio’s ATLAS case for the iPhone 5 is a slim, ultra rugged, waterproof case that has a plastic and rubber layers and has been made to withstand pretty much anything you throw at it,

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Security On Your Mobile Phone and Tablet PC

Android Security

Security on you mobile phone, tablet and the risks to Android phones and tablets from software written with malicious intent, known as Malware, are very real. All is not lost however, as there are ways to minimise the risks from malware and other security risks. Read on and discover how you can protect yourself.

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Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3 T3

Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3

The Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3, the T3, is made by ZTE and is the third generation of the EasyTouch range following the original Easytouch Discovery and the EasyTouch Discovery 2 or T2.

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