Telstra’s T-Bundle Connector Edge $145 per month for 24 months.

Home Network Gateway

Home Network Gateway

Telstra’s T-Bundles are a cost effective way of bundling your Telstra services on a single bill. Telstra’s bundle packages provide BigPond Broadband, your home phone service as well as mobile phone benefits and your choice of a T-Hub 2 or T-Box. With Telstra Bundles the BigPond service is either ADSL or cable internet and is dependent upon which is available at your address.

Telstra’s T-Bundles Right Fit Guarantee

Working out the right bundle for you is about determining how much you are going to use your home phone and internet. With Telstra’s T-Bundles you can switch to a higher or lower bundle once per month with no fees or charges. So if you’re not sure which is the bundle for you it’s no problem. With the Right Fit Guarantee, you can take a Telstra T-Bundle now and Telstra’s Right Fit Guarantee means you can swap up or down to a different Telstra T Bundle Connector with no change fee, once per month. This gives your Telstra bundle package flexibility should your needs change.

T- Bundle Connector Edge just $145 a month for 24 months.

This bundle is for you if you use the internet 24/7 to browse, comment, like, tweet and blog. You download and upload music, movies, images and apps, you stream internet radio and play multiplayer games with multiple Wi-Fi devices. You call lots of people around the country and overseas from your home phone.

Included in the T-Bundle Connector Edge Bundle is the following:

  • Elite Bigpond Access either ADSL or cable that has a 500GB data allowance per month. Should you reach your data limit you will not incur excess usage charges. Once your monthly usage allowance is reached, speed is slowed to 256kbps. This Telstra T-Bundle includes a Home Network Gateway modem delivered free for new broadband customers. The Home Network Gateway Modem is a WiFi modem.
  • Home Phone Line rental. You will get to make unlimited local calls from your home phone at no additional cost. You get unlimited STD calls or national calls to standard fixed line numbers excluding 13 numbers. You also receive Calling Number Display and Message Bank on your home phone at no additional cost with the T-Bundle Connector Edge. You also get discounted international call rates from the home phone.
  • The T-Bundle Connector Edge also includes mobile phone benefits known as Family Calls Benefit. The Family Calls Benefit allows you to make free unlimited voice calls in Australia between up to four eligible mobiles as long as they are on the same account as your bundle. Calls from your home phone to those four mobiles are also free and calls from any of those four mobiles to your home phone are free as well.
  • With the T-Bundle Connector Edge you get unlimited calls from your Home Phone to Telstra mobiles. Although call charges apply for calls from your home phone to non Telstra mobile phones you get a $5 credit per month for calls from your home phone to non Telstra mobiles.
  • With the T-Bundle Connector Edge bundle package you have a choice of a T-Hub 2, the smarter phone for home or the Telstra T-Box, internet Entertainment direct to your TV.

T-Hub 2 is the home phone that has the best features of a home phone and a tablet. The T-Hub 2 consists of a cordless home phone and a tablet. You can use either the handset or tablet to make calls and stay in touch with friends and family. The tablet works as a hands free speaker phone. The tablet lets you browse the web via your BigPond internet so you can surf the web, download apps and share photos and recipes with your friends without booting up your computer. The t-Hub 2 allows you to save contacts or look up a number online and call instantly with a touch of the tablet screen.

Telstra’s T-Box is a digital set top box, a personal video recorder and via BigPond gives you great entertainment options. With your t-Box you can pause, rewind and record free-to-air TV, then watch it at a time that suits, this is known as time shifting. You can also use your T-Box to rent and download over 5,000 movies and TV episodes directly from BigPond Movies. With the T-Box you can keep up-to-date with news, sport, fashion and more with 11 BigPond unmetered TV channels.

Optional Extras with The Telstra T-Bundle Connector Edge

You can add Foxtel from Telstra on your Telstra Single Bill and receive a 10% discount on any Foxtel from Telstra package monthly subscription charge, including multiroom.

If you have the T-Box you can get Foxtel on T-Box. Foxtel on T-Box lets you access up to 30 Foxtel channels from your T-Box. There are no installation costs or fixed-term contract for Foxtel on T-Box, you can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. Foxtel on T-Box gives you access to 11 channels with the Get Started package and is available to eligible customers from $9.50 a month which is a $10 discount on the standard Foxtel on T-Box Get Started package.

You can get your T-Bundle services working together with your computer, game console or tablet, with help from Telstra’s expert techs, this is known as Telstra Plus. You can opt to have your Telstra Plus service over the phone for $99 or via an in home visit for $179.

Minimum cost is $3,528 (plus usage), including $48 activation fee for new BigPond customers or $3,168 (plus usage), including $48 activation fee for new BigPond customers without T-Box or T-Hub 2. The $145 monthly charge will appear on your bill as separate charges of $130 for your bundle and $15 for your T-Box or T-Hub 2 Hardware Repayment Option.

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