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Telstra Rolls Out The SMS Over Wi-Fi On Their Network

For some time now, the Australian mobile phone network provider Telstra has been doing everything to stay on top. A while back, the company introduced Wi-Fi calling, a system that allows users to make phone calls over Wi-Fi. The system

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Netgear Nighthawk M2 Modem

Netgear Nighthawk M2 Modem

Telstra is proud to introduce Australia’s fastest mobile broadband device, the Netgear Nighthawk M2 modem. Its release date was February 26, 2019. The M2 modem is easy to operate as it requires no software to install. It is a successor

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Telstra Mobile Broadband

Go Mobile Data Plans Telstra has a range of prepaid mobile broadband offers to suit all needs. The plans range from a 24-month plan that includes a new device, a 12-month plan with BYO device and a month-to-month plan with

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Telstra Prepaid Mobile Plans

Telstra Prepaid Mobile Update July 2020 Telstra has grandfathered the Telstra Pre-Paid Max offer and has added the Telstra Pre-Paid Complete. The Telstra Pre-Paid Long Life Plus remains as is. Telstra Pre-Paid Complete Here is information on Telstra’s new Prepaid

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Telstra Mobile Phone Plans

iPhone 7

Telstra’s current range of mobile plans are called Go Mobile Plus plans. These can be 24 month phone plans, 24 month swap plans, 12 month BYO plans or casual month to month plans. All Telstra’s plans have extra data which

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Telstra Launches Fastest Mobile Network in the World

Nighthawk M1

Telstra has made the announcement that its 1000Mbps Gigabit LTE network is now fully operational. This makes Telstra the first company to hit this milestone and makes Australia the first country to have these ultrafast speeds on a mobile phone

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Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Modem

Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Modem

The Wi-Fi 4G Advanced, made by Netgear , is a 4G mobile broadband Wi-Fi modem that will allow up to 5 Wi-Fi devices to connect to at one time.

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Telstra Bundles

Telstra Logo

Telstra Bundles (Home Phone + Broadband) and the Supreme Bundles (Home Phone +Broadband + Foxtel) come in four levels of the plan: S, M, L, and XL,

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Telstra Dave: Tough Smartphone

Telstra Dave

The Telstra Dave is your new best mate. Dave like any good mate is tough, reliable, and helps you when you need him. Dave is the mobile phone to have if you’re working or playing outdoors whether you’re a tradesman or an adventurer.

Telstra’s T-Bundle Connector Pinnacle $165 per month for 24 months

T-Bundle Connector Pinnacle just $165 a month for 24 months. This bundle is for you if you download heaps of movies, TV, music and apps and if you upload hi-res photos and videos. If you are a devotee of multiplayer games and have a number of Wi-Fi devices and if you use the home phone for many local, interstate and international calls.

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