Telstra Rolls Out The SMS Over Wi-Fi On Their Network

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For some time now, the Australian mobile phone network provider Telstra has been doing everything to stay on top. A while back, the company introduced Wi-Fi calling, a system that allows users to make phone calls over Wi-Fi.

The system still comes in handy for people in areas that have low or no Telstra mobile network coverage as all they need is a supported Broadband Wi-Fi connection. According to Telstra’s website, the ability to make calls this way is not only possible through Broadband connection. Basically, a user can also make Wi-Fi calls over mobile hotspots and also over the Telstra Air Hotspot.

Now Telstra has gone a step further and rolled-out the turning on of SMS over Wi-Fi. This essentially means that you can receive SMS messages even if your phone is not in an area connected to Telstra’s network. All that is required is for you to connect to a Wi-Fi network that can access the internet.

According to a Telstra’s spokesman, the company saw that many Telstra customers in areas with no network were unable to send and receive messages, especially those working from home due to COVID-19. In a bid to help out its clients, the network provider then decided to introduce this feature.

Of course, with the rolling out of this new technology, many people will have questions. One of the most common questions is whether Telstra charges an extra cost for this service. According to Telstra’s official website, data used via the Telstra Broadband Wi-Fi Connection is not charged. However, the case is different when a person uses this service via non-Telstra Broadband. Here the data will be charged based on your current provider’s plan.

If you find yourself in a spot with no mobile coverage you may have found that you wouldn’t be able to receive some SMS…

Posted by Telstra on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Supported Devices

Telstra is currently rolling out this new technology to all its customers. At this time, the service is supported on Telstra’s mobile network. The firm is first making the service available to devices that are compatible with the technology because they want to ensure the best user experience. As time goes, more devices will support the Wi-Fi SMS feature.

Here is a list of mobile devices that currently support the sending and receiving of SMS over Wi-Fi



Below is a list of iPhones that support this feature.

With the other devices like the J Pro and A5, a little more work is required to enable this feature, Telstra, therefore, advises users to keep an ear out for news of updated timelines for such devices. It is also not clear whether other Android smartphones from other manufacturers will be able to use this feature. All in all, it is advisable to set up your phone to receive automatic updates so that you are able to receive this feature as soon as they are available. Read more on Telstras official website:

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