Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Modem

Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Modem The Telstra  Wi-Fi 4G Advanced modem has  a colour touch screen and was one of the first Wi-Fi modems to support  LTE Cat 4. The Wi-Fi 4G Advanced, made by Netgear and with a model number of 782S,  this device is a mobile broadband Wi-Fi modem that will allow up to 5 Wi-Fi devices to connect to at one time.

The Wi-Fi 4G Advanced provides download speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 50Mbps when in a 4G coverage zone. When you are outside 4G coverage areas the device will fallback to Telstra’s wide ranging Next G network and you can expect HSPA+ speeds of 1.1 megabits per second to 20Mbps.

As this device is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. You can use connect devices via Wi-Fi at conferences, at home, at work or even in the car or on a bus trip. Many workers will use these devices as an internet connection to a tablet, mobile phone or laptop at worksites.

The Wi-Fi 4G Advanced has a 2.4 inch colour touch screen, that allows you to navigate to and change advanced settings directly on the device. Previously to do this you would have had to access a web interface. Some of the changes that you make are changing the SSID name and password. You also have the ability to manage Wi-Fi profiles and more.

The screen also displays signal strength, the number of devices connected and the battery level indicator so you can see when it’s time to charge your modem. The screen will also display a data usage meter that indicates how much data has been used on your plan. So you can check your data allowance at a glance.

There is power button on the top of the Wi-Fi 4G Advanced and there are two antenna ports on the bottom of the device. These ports will let you connect an antenna (there are two antenna ports as this device is a dual channel modem) to increase your reception in poor coverage areas. View the range of patch leads and antennas for the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Modem.

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