Why Do You Need and Want a Dashcam


The Unexpected

One of the biggest reasons dashcams are being used today is to capture the unexpected.  Too many times the unexpected happens leaving you unprepared, without validation, and stuck.  With a dashcam you can easily catch perpetrators, illegal activity, someone backing into you, or maybe even the unexpected that has nothing to do with your safety and protection.  What if you catch something that nature has to offer such as shooting stars, animals playing in a pasture, or some other beautiful landscape event that may leave you surprised and amazed!  Dashcams do not always have to be negative unexpected surprises.

The Memories

Memories from road trips, vacations, and even school drop offs with the children can be captured by your dashcam.  Dashcams allow you to capture some of the most amazing, natural unforgettable moments in your life.  Can you imagine capturing and putting together a video of your children’s rides to school?  What a video to show them as they grow up.  Capture a few days here and there and then show the progression as they grow through the school year.  What a neat idea?  What about funny stories and games played during road trips?  All of this can be filmed in the vehicle.  Even the landscape and nature of your cross country road trip.  These are some of the memories you cannot get back, but you can take them with you through your life time now.  Not only in your mind, but on video.  There is nothing more special than that.

The Fraud

The ability to protect yourself is probably the biggest reason people invest in dashcams.  If you get into an accident that is not your fault, you hit some one that is not your fault, or some other tragic event happens that is not your fault you will have the video evidence to prove it.  Sometimes it is very difficult to prove whose fault it is in an accident, especially if pedestrians are involved.  You can be the best driver with a clean record and still have an accident at some point in your life.  Accidents do happen and can happen at any time.  Insurance fraud is very real and it happens every single day.  People will drive right out in front of you and walk right out in front of you if they think they can get some money out of you.  However, with dashcams it is getting much harder.  You have the ability to prove otherwise.  Keep this in mind as you consider what type of camera you might want.

The Showoff

The last reason people want dashcams is for fun.  There are many race car drivers or stock car drivers that use dashcams to show off their races.  This video can be some fairly incredibly footage as these racer car drivers are incredible.  They show fast, near collision races.  Some show skills that some of us on dream of having.  At times we see collisions on the course, but more often than not we get to see races from the driver’s point of view which can be incredibly exhilarating.  Driver’s race differently so it can be fun to see how each one reacts to movements and other drivers.

Sometimes we get to see stunts, not just races.  Maybe some 360s, jumps over other cars, big trucks crushing cars, etc.  Truck and car enthusiast use their dashcams to show what their vehicles can do.  For example, some 4dw owners use their dashcams to show what rocks and hills they can climb.  This can be fun for 4wd owners to see what their vehicles can do next. Please click here to view our range of dashcams


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