How to connect to WiFi on your Android device

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a wireless internet connection. Public places like airports, malls, cinema theatres have free WiFi available for anyone who needs it. This has made tasks like checking email or finding directions very easy. Most of all, you save your mobile data by using WiFi!

WiFi can be used on any Android or Apple device. Connecting to a WiFi network is quite easy and can be accomplished in some simple steps. So, let’s see how we can connect to WiFi on your Android device.

  1. We start by clicking and opening the ‘Settings’ app on your Android device.

Android Settings Menu

  1. Once your Settings app is open, you will see the different categories of settings in tabs on the top of the screen. Click on the ‘Connections’ tab.

Android Connections Menu

  1. Once the connections settings are open, check to see if your WiFi is enabled. If not, go ahead and click on it to enable it.

Android WiFi Menu

  1. Once the WiFi is enabled on the device, click ‘Scan’ to see a list of the wireless networks available to you.

Android WiFi Scan Menu

  1. If a particular network says ‘Secured’ under it, that means it needs a password to connect. The blue-grey symbol to its right shows you the strength of the signal. Let’s try connecting to one of these networks. Click on the name of the network.

Android WiFi Secure Menu

  1. Once you click on the name of the network of your choice, you will see a dialog box asking for the password. Enter the password and hit ‘Connect’.

Android WiFi Connect Screen

7. Once you enter the right password and get authenticated, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen telling you that your connection was successful.

Android WiFi Connected Screen

  1. To verify if your WiFi connection is working properly, open an internet browser and try to load a commonly used website. If it loads properly, your connection is working fine.

Android WiFi Browsing Screen

  1. If you are trying to connect to a free wireless network in a public place, it will say ‘Open network’ instead of ‘Secured’.

Android WiFi Available Screen

In this case you just click on the name of the network to get connected. You don’t need a password. However, some places might make you open a browser and login with your credentials before they let you use the internet.

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