How to turn the selfie flash on and off on your iPhone

A lot of iPhone owners nowadays love to take selfies. Whether it is during travel, important events, parties or everyday happenings, selfies are now a very commonly used way of clicking your own pictures. After the unveiling of the forward-facing camera by Apple, it has become even easier to pose for selfies. Just like you would want a regular picture to be captured with the best possible light and color settings, people want the same for their selfies. The iPhones older than the iPhone 6S do not allow for changing flash settings in the forward facing or selfie camera. Users of these models generally use some iPhone apps to capture selfies in better settings. However, starting from iPhone 6S you can easily adjust the flash settings even for the forward-facing camera. Let’s look at the few quick steps to turn your selfie flash on and off as required –

  1. Open your iPhone camera either by tapping on the camera app on the springboard or the camera icon in the control center.

Click on the Camera AppTapping on the camera app

  1. Once it is open, tap on the icon to change the camera to forward facing or the selfie camera.

Change the camera to forward facing

  1. The ‘lightning bolt’ sign on the top right is for the flash setting. Tap on that to see all the options.

Click On Flash setting

  1. You can set it to ‘Auto’, ‘On’ or ‘Off’ depending on what you need, by tapping on that particular option.

Click On any one ‘Auto’, ‘On’ or ‘Off’

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