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iPhone 13 Pro Review

iPhone 13 Pro In Case

  Some phone users do not care much about the smaller details and frills as long as they have a functional phone in their pockets. However, some are just the opposite; they want phones utilizing the highest phone tech to

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iPhone SE 2020 Review

Apple has taken the budget phone market by storm by announcing the release of the new iPhone SE 2020. The SE 2020 is the second phone in the series and a significant improvement from its 2016 predecessor. The phone boasts

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How to redial a phone number on your iPhone

We come across several occasions where we need to redial a phone number after finishing the call. For example, it could be that you remembered something later and need to extend the conversation; or you had to look up some

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How to turn off cellular data on your iPhone

iPhone users can have various reasons for not wanting to use their cellular data. It could be that they just want to connect to available Wi-Fi networks and save their device’s battery. Or they want to sparingly use their cellular

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Is the iPhone 6 A Good Choice in 2018?

Several years have passed since the iPhone 6 was released. Most of those who were the first customers are still using this phone without any problem. Most users are not willing to sell the phone—apparently because the selling price will

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Turning off cellular data on your iPhone

There might be times when you would want to turn off the cellular data on your iPhone. There could be various reasons for this, the main one being that you want to save your cellular data and only want to

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How to turn the selfie flash on and off on your iPhone

A lot of iPhone owners nowadays love to take selfies. Whether it is during travel, important events, parties or everyday happenings, selfies are now a very commonly used way of clicking your own pictures. After the unveiling of the forward-facing

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How to Turn on Do Not Disturb for Individual Contacts on iPhone

Tap on the Messages icon to open the app. Once your messages are open, tap on the conversation of the contact for whom you want to turn on Do Not Disturb. Then tap on the symbol at the top right

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How to use the iPhone camera

1. To access the camera, tap on the icon for the Camera app. Another way of accessing the Camera is via the Control Center. Just swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Once it

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How to take a screenshot with your iPhone

Screenshots or screen captures are very useful for various reasons. These quick pictures of the screen are used for remembering information, capturing certain steps in a procedure, sending visual information to a third party and a lot more. There are

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