Is the iPhone 6 A Good Choice in 2018?

iPhone 6 A

Several years have passed since the iPhone 6 was released. Most of those who were the first customers are still using this phone without any problem. Most users are not willing to sell the phone—apparently because the selling price will not justify the excellent condition of the phone.

Many are still as interested in the phone as they were when it was first released. Given the design, power and speed, the iPhone 6 is still a good choice in 2018.

Some may not be very satisfied with the screen, but what makes it ideal is Retina Display. For outdoor use, the bright screen works really well. Going outdoors and playing games on this phone is really fun.

The screen is not very large, but watching videos on the screen is sufficiently enjoyable. For recording videos and taking pictures, the iPhone 6 is still one of the best models out there.  The 8 MP camera is awesome. Hyperlapse is a great app made by Instagram, and only iPhone users can use this app. Many users are making videos using iPhone 6.

Hardware And Design

In terms of the hardware, this phone comes with the Apple A8 chip, 1 GB of RAM, 4.7 inches Retina HD display, 8 megapixel camera, and 1810mAh battery. These features may not sound very impressive, but actual performance is not bad at all.

The rounded design looks great, and it feels great in hand. iPhone 6 is a thin and sleek handset. This 6.9 mm phone is well made and it is nice to hold. The power button of this phone is on the right hand side, but that is justifiable because the size of the phone is 138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm.

The power button is easy to hit because it is raised. The sleek back of iPhone 6 is covered by plastic, although some users say that this unsightly plastic does not go well with Apple’s typical design.

The camera protrudes slightly. Although the phone is thin, Apple has not compromised on camera quality. Don’t worry when you lay the phone on a flat surface. You will not notice scratches because the sapphire glass protects the lens. Also there are still many types of cases and accessories available for the iPhone 6.

What About Power And Speed?

The iPhone 6 is no longer the latest model out there, but the phone still works marvelously, games and apps work perfectly. But keep in mind that your iPhone 6 may take longer to install apps like Instagram and Twitter. But once the app is installed, you will have no issue with that.

You will smoothly browse through the latest posts and tweets. The same cannot be said about other Apple devices such as an iPad Mini 2. When handling tasks, some other devices from Apple are considerably slower than iPad 6. Speed is one of the hallmarks of iPhone 6.

Making A Decision

Apple devices are designed to provide you with a great experience. Users who like to work insanely fast on mobile devices may not be very happy with the iPhone 6 in 2018. But if you are not very tech savvy and you just need a phone for some specific apps, iPhone 6 can be a really great choice.

Apart from other great features, the display of iPhone 6 is the best you can get in this price range. With its camera, you can shoot 1080p videos at 60 frames per second, and slow motion videos at 240 frames per second. The phone runs on iOS 11 operating system and many users think that this is still the best operating system out there.

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