Oppo A15 Review

Released on 27th October 2020, the Oppo A15 was among the final releases of the year from the electronics giant.

Oppo A15 Blue

The phone is considered to be among one of the manufacturer’s more affordable phones. But, of course, with affordability at $239 retail, the common assumption is that you have to give up most of what you would want in a phone. However, with the Oppo A15, this is not entirely true as it packs quite the punch even at its price.

Here are some of its main highlights.

Oppo A15 review: Features and Specs at a Glance

Here is a snapshot of some of the features:

  • 6.5 inch LCD + HD display
  • Fingerprint scanner and facial recognition options for phone unlocking
  • 32 GB storage that can be extended to 265 GB of storage
  • Triple rear camera set up, with 5MP front-facing selfie camera
  • 3GB RAM
  • Mystery blue and Dynamic black colour options
  • 4230 mAh battery
  • Octa-core processor

Functionality and Design

The phone in either black or blue looks stunningly beautiful for what you expect of a phone in this price range. The finish is plasticky but has a metallic matte finish.

Gamers and people that use their phones for entertainment a lot will love its 6.5 inches. For a phone on the larger side, the Oppo A15 weighs 75 grams which is fairly light. Its design also makes it easy to hold, even for people with smaller hands. As a result, discomfort or slipping is not much of a concern.

The HD+LCD display with 60Hz is bright and performs well. In addition, the phone’s auto-brightness is seamless and intuitive, which is a useful feature to have on the go.


This device is powered by an octa-core processor with hyper boost 2.1. It comes with 32GB of inbuilt storage and 3GB of RAM that is significantly extendable. The performance might be a bit slow when loading web and social media pages, but nothing too noticeable. Overall, for its price point, its performance is adequate.

Similarly, do not expect the fluid swipes of an iPhone when using the gesture command features on the phone.

While the phone’s charging is a bit slow at around two hours to get fully powered, you can get about two days of use once powered. An overnight charge can make its charging requirements less noticeable.

For audio, the phone has a loudspeaker and a 3.5mm jack node.


You get a triple rear camera with a 13MP main camera lens, 2MP depth lanes, and a 2MP macro lens with this phone.

The front camera is a teardrop notch-styled 5MP lens. This has HDR, panorama, night mode, and Portrait Bokeh.

You also get video with basic functions. Unfortunately, Oppo A15 will not produce sharp, detailed photos but will do a decent job and provide fair photos indoors and outdoors.

Oppo A15: Hit or Miss

While this Oppo phone does have some downsides on its camera and performance, it’s still good value for its price mark.

This phone is especially nice for kids and seniors with basic phone use requirements. Its battery life, aesthetics, handling, and photos would work great for this demographic.

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