Nokia 225 4G Mobile Phone Review

In this century, smartphones are the talk of the town. But does it mean bar phones are no longer important? Of course not. Nokia’s 225 4G is the latest design and definition of a 21st-century bar phone. Going for A$78 (you can buy the Nokia 225 4G here), the bar phone has a perfect blend of price and value as it provides the basics of a phone plus its classic design is not that surprising as Nokia has been a trusted brand for these types of phones. The Nokia 225 4G is a part of Nokia’s feature phone range along with the Nokia 800 Tough (reviewed here), the Nokia 8000 4G and the Nokia 2720 4G Flip (read the review here). In this review, we’ll look at the Nokia 225 4G and its features.

Nokia 225 4G Blue


The phone has a candy bar design with beautiful colour options and a glossy finish. It’s not a little extra, but at least the finish gives it a premium look. Nokia brought the 225 4G phone with classic blue, black, and metallic sand. While this Nokia phone is not a smartphone, it appeals to anyone who does not mind using a non-touchscreen device.

The display is 2.4 inches with a 240×320 screen placed just above the call and number keys. You can remove the phone’s plastic back, where the 1150mAh battery is located. The Australian model comes with the preinstalled memory card (16GB), an excellent inclusion for such a price point.

In this digital age, cameras are crucial, but the Nokia 225 phone has a little 0.3MP camera- a little archaic for smartphone lovers. However, you rarely take photos or have a separate camera, then the phone’s camera is just fine for its type.


The Nokia 225 feature phone operates on a System 30+ OS, which is different from other types of Nokia devices which commonly use KaiOS. System 30+ is more versatile and has basic software features and nods such as a Facebook app and an Internet browser. But the 1Ghz processor available on this handset can only accommodate limited apps, and you may not be able to add apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. However, you can still enjoy preinstalled games like the obvious Snake and Aussie’s household game Crossy Road.

Also, the phone does not have WiFi in any way, so if you want to stay away from the internet while travelling, this would be an excellent phone.

Battery Life

It is no surprise that old-school phones are known for their superior battery life, majorly due to the lack of draining apps. HMD Global claims that the 225 4G Nokia can last up to 24 days with a single SIM, 16 days with a dual SIM, and 19 hours talking with a single SIM. While we haven’t yet tested how true this is, we believe Nokia has done enough tests to make these claims. Generally, if you spend less time on the phone, you should have a long enough battery life.

This being a Nokia, most of the features of the 225 4G are what we saw in the bar phone era and have little to do with 2020 or 2021 phones. However, if you want a simple phone to help you manoeuvre through texts and calls, the Nokia 225 4G is your top choice. It has a decent price point and is an ideal seniors phone. You can view our range of Nokia phones here as well as accessories for all Nokia phones.

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