Nokia 2720 4G Flip Phone Review

Nokia 2720 4G Flip phone

You probably remember the flip phones from the ’90s and early and mid-2000’s vividly. The flipping motion and slamming the top down after a conversation did have a cool factor to it.

Be that as it may, few will likely trade in their smartphones for the new generation flip phones being manufactured today. Still, these phones can be good secondary phones or primary phones for people without much need for the numerous features that come with smartphones. The Nokia 2720 is a part of Nokia’s feature phone range along with the Nokia 800 Tough, the Nokia 8000 4G and the Nokia 225 4G.

If this is something you would be interested in, the Nokia 2720 flip phone would be a worthwhile consideration. Here is what to expect from the phone.


This flip phone has a sleek minimalist design that could be just what you need and comes in black and grey.

Features and Specs

Here is a more detailed look into the accessible features of the phone.


The phone offers 2.8 QVGA inches on the main display with 240 × 320 pixels of resolution at a 4:3 ratio. The front display is 1.3 inches. The front display allows you to see who is texting or calling before flipping the phone open.

Closing the flip hangs up a call.

The keypad on the phone has big, clear buttons with a backlight to help you use your phone in poor lighting. The buttons are, however, not separated, which can be a bit clumsy for some people.


Unfortunately, the camera on this phone is nothing to write home about and is incomparable to cameras on the smartphones that have taken over the market.

Still, the phone does have the main camera, which is a 2 MP single lens. This is widely different from smartphones which come with a front camera and a selfie camera.

You cannot do any serious photography with this camera, but it’s good enough for casual snaps.


Unlike its predecessors, this Nokia flip phone has 4G network access which is a significant addition. In addition, you also get basic internet use with the phone as it comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Hotspot connectivity.

The phone also had GPS, a micro USB slot, and Bluetooth.

You will get some pre-installed social media apps to enable you to stay connected on the go.


If you remember anything from Nokia phones from way back, it’s probably a battery that could remain powered for days at a time.

Well, Nokia has kept this attribute alive with its Nokia 2720. The phone has a removable 1500mAh battery that will keep you going for days on end. Moreover, it is touted to offer 700h on standby, which is quite impressive.


With this phone, you get 4GB of internal storage, but you can add an extra 32GB of external storage via an SD card.


The phone uses KaiOS instead of Android, which is more commonly used today, and a Qualcomm 205 processor.

Who Is This Phone For?

In the world of smartphones and tens of applications in one gadget, you might wonder who this phone is created for.

Well, the Nokia 2720 is perfect as a kid’s first phone. It’s also an ideal go-to phone for a more mature user looking for basic calling and texting functions. You can buy the Nokia 2720 here as well as other Nokia phones.

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