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Nokia 225 4G Mobile Phone Review


Nokia’s 225 4G is the latest design and definition of a 21st-century bar phone. Going for A$78, the bar phone has a perfect blend of price and value as it provides the basics of a phone plus its classic design is not that surprising as Nokia has been a trusted brand for these types of phones.

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Nokia 2720 4G Flip Phone Review

Nokia 2720 Black

You probably remember the flip phones from the ’90s and early and mid-2000’s vividly. The flipping motion and slamming the top down after a conversation did have a cool factor to it.

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Nokia 800 Tough Review

Nokia 800 Tough Black

Some of us fondly recall a time when phones were not the fragile things they are today. Of the phone models around then, Nokia was well known for sturdy phones that were virtually unbreakable and whose batteries could last for days on end.

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Nokia CS-19 Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband USB Modem

Nokia CS-19

The Nokia CS-19 USB Modem Starter Kit from Optus comes with the Nokia CS-19 and up to 3GB of data to use within 30days and a bonus Nokia Music Voucher for $15 worth of music downloads from the Nokia Music store.

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Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800 is Nokia’s first Windows Mobile 7 smartphone that has a 1.4GHz CPU, 16GB of onboard memory and 512MB of RAM.

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Setup of Yahoo Email On Your Nokia N9

Nokia N9

How to setup and configure your Yahoo email account on your Nokia N9

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