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ZTE Mobile Phone Cases Covers And Accessories

Below are ZTE mobile phone models that we stock accessories for. These accessories include: cases for ZTE mobile phones, car chargers, screen guards, USB cables, ZTE mains chargers, antennas, patch leads, memory cards and more. Either click on a picture to show a list of accessories for that model or type the model of your ZTE model into the product search bar.

Current Telstra/ZTE Handsets

Previous Generation ZTE Handsets


ZTE are the corporation behind Telstra's range of in-house mobile phones.

ZTE were established in 1985 as Zhongxing Semiconductor Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen, China. The company were focused on electronics and networks from the get go, going in to areas such as videoconferencing, systems for power supply and wireless switching.

Their first major accomplishment was in 1996, when they became the first Chinese telco equipment provider to comply with the ISO9001, which followed in 1998 by winning a bid to develop a $95 million turnkey solution for a telecoms project in Pakistan, establishing their first office outside of China.

The early 2000's saw a burst of growth for the company, launching their CDMA network with China Unicorn, the first CDMA phone with a detachable SIM and generally pioneering the CDMA field. In this period the company was ranked as number 3 in the list of companies with the greatest growth potential in China, quite a feat in a very promising market.

They then started to branch into other markets including Africa, India and Europe and expanded into the 3G sphere. By 2005 they were China's biggest wireless equipment company.

In 2004, ZTE brought their services to Australia, settling in Melbourne. From there forward they have engaged in partnerships with local service providers, with a long history of involvement in particular with Telstra. ZTE were a principal partner in getting 3G technology available and ready for implementation with Telstra's Next G launch using the 850MHz frequency. The products included mobile phones and mobile broadband modems.

ZTE produce phones, tablets and network devices for Australian carriers that are generally carrier branded, and as of 2015 are starting to produce their own range for sale. The Telstra branded range of phones are produced exclusively by ZTE for Telstra.

The current ZTE range for Telstra run an Android OS. The Telstra Tough range contains phones that have waterproofing and dustproofing, with an IP67 rating, scratch resistant screens, the best coverage for rural areas and long battery lives. The ZTE range for Telstra also contains a number of low cost prepaid options, perfect for those that don't need a huge range of functions in a phone.

As with all mobile devices, the ZTE and Telstra phones can utilize a wide range of accessories. When choosing your accessories you should choose wisely to ensure your purchase does the right job for the right price. To charge your mobile phone you'll need to pick up accessories like mains chargers to plug into your wall power sockets in the home or office, car chargers for a quick charge in the car, or car cradles for a charge and as a rest to receive calls on loudspeaker and follow your GPS from, and powerbanks to keep you powered up while out and about. If you're going to be taking your car and mobile deep into the wilderness (or just somewhere a little out of range) pick up an antenna to attach to your car to make your signal clearer.

To protect your mobile phone choose the right case, whether it's a tough case, a sleeve or a credit card holder case, along with a screen protector to keep your screen safe from scratches.

If you're a big talker then you'll want to pair your phone with a Bluetooth headset. With the headset connected to your phone you can put the phone in your pocket or bag and take calls hands free, leaving you free to do the shopping or even go for a jog. Another Bluetooth friend for your phone is a set of Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are often no bigger than a Coke can so are perfect for bringing along camping or on a picnic, or even while travelling the world.

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