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Teltonika Industrial Cellular Router

IoT And M2M Industrial Routers, Gateways, Modems And Antennas

Below is a list of Industrial Routers, M2M and IoT device including routers, switches, gateways, modems as well as antennas for these devices. Click on a device to see more information.

M2M and IoT

The world we live in today is amazing! The Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communication has changed the way that all industries work. Integrating IoT and M2M technologies has changed and continues to change the way we work, interact with people, process data and continues to develop with automation of many tasks, activities and duties.

We are excited to play our part by providing networking products which will offer security, reliability, and ease-of use for multiple industry sectors. Take a look at how out industrial touters and gateways can help with your connectivity solutions!

Teltonika Your Gateway To loT 3G/4G Internet Routers

These industrial 3G/4G I/O gateways are small, lightweight and energy efficient internet of things cellular routers, gateways and modems give easy access for IoT and M2M device communication and applications. An ideal option for I/O M2M connectivity, these gateways can help implement any type of operational experience in industrial, home or business applications.

Teltonika's 4G LTE networking range of devices provides industry grade 4G LTE (Cat4 or Cat6) gateways, modem routers that deliver fast and reliable LTE connectivity. WIth in this comprehensive range the advanced devices within the lineup have features such as Dual SIM as well as automatic WAN failover function that guarantee reliable Internet connections in mission critical applications

Teltonika is a company known as being a leading provider of high-grade telecommunications products such as modems/gateway devices that offer excellent performance with immense reliability. The technology they produce enables users to stay connected no matter where their travels take them; whether it be city streets or rural farmland alike.

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