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iPhone Antennas, Car Kits And Car Cradles

iPad Car Kits, Car Cradles And Antennas

iPhone Car Kits and Car Cradles

We have antennas, car cradles and car mounts for all iPhones and iPads. These iPhone car cradles were designed so drivers could make and receive calls conveniently, while on the move in their car. Our range of car cradles have smart technology built straight into them and they will boost your signal and charge your phone. Team one of these in car cradles with one of our bluetooth units and an external antenna and you have the perfect iPhone car kit, external antenna capability included.

iPhone Car Holders And Car Mounts

We also have a large range of car holders and car mounts for your iPhone and iPad. These iPhone mounts secure your iPhone so you can keep it within eye sight and still keep your hands on the wheel while you are driving. We have holders that will not only hold your phone but can charge it as you dirve and we also have iPhone holders with external antenna connections so you can improve your mobile phone coverage when you're driving.

Our range of car mounts for your iPhone and iPad give plenty of choices to keep your phone secure while you drive. Some also have built-in wireless charging, so you won't even have to plug your phone in. We know that it is important to stay safe on the road and being able to drive without being distracted is essential and we know we will have just the thing to suit your needs.

iPhone External Antennas

What are external iPhone Antennas? External iPhone antennas are used to improve signal strength in areas where there is low network signal.

Our iPhone and iPad car holders have great features, including charging and external antenna connection capability, meaning if you need to increase your reception just connect up one of our exteranl antennas. These iPhone car cradles can be either hard-wired (professional install) or come with a cigarette-lighter connection (DIY kit) and they have the option to add an external antenna, of which we have a large range. These antennas and cradle combinations can be used in the car, or at home, office, in your caravan or boat as well. Improve your reception and have less call drop outs. Our antenna range can be bullbar mounted on 4WDs or cars, boats, we also have windscreen mounted antennas for your vehicle, there is a wide range of mounting options for you to connect an external aerial to an iPhone. We also have indoor and building mounted antennas for the home, office or camping adventure.

iPhone Handsfree Car Kit

Bluetooth makes it easier, safer, and legal, to use your phone when you're in your vehicle. If you need a complete iPhone handsfree car kit or an iPhone bluetooth car kit we have several options that will work in just about any vehicle. We have stand alone Bluetooth kits with a speaker and microphone that clip to your sunvisor or mount on car's dash. These are great as you can move them from one vehicle to another.

We also have iPhone Bluetooth units for the car that are wired to the car's existing wiring. This is usually performed by a professional installer. These have more features than a standalone Bluetooth kit and include options such as having the music mute when a call comes in. The call plays over the car's speakers instead of a stand alone speaker. And some of our kits also handle music streaming.

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