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Smart Home And Home Automation

Listed below is our range of smart home and home automation equipment. This includes home automation starter kits, software, cameras, alarms and security, smart plugs and smart LED lights and more. Please click on a picture for more information.

The Campad Electronics Smart Home range is here, and it's great value. We offer smart home alarms, smart home cameras, smart LED lights as well as smart plugs that can be controlled remotely through an app for your phone or tablet device - making life easier in every way possible. Whether you want one smart device or an entire system, there's something on this page that will suit all needs and budgets! So why not take control and enjoy life in this new era?

What Is A Smart Home?

A smart home or connected home is a place where you can control all aspects of your household from anywhere. It's not just about the appliances, but also how they work together in harmony with each other and provide an experience for residents that goes beyond what was imaginable before. The smart technology and decvices might be called something different depending on who manufactures them, for example “IoT” or "machine-to-machine" communication, but they all come with a focus specifically on electronics designed to make our lives easier by making tasks faster (or cheaper) instead!

How To Set Up Your Smart Home?

Setting up a smart home is easy. You can go for full automation, or add in some simple appliances as you need them making setting up your smart home easy and without fuss!

How Do These Smart Home Devices Work?

How do you make your house smarter? With the help of smart devices, it's easier than ever to control everything in and around our homes. These appliances work best when they're connected remotely with voice commands or via an app for mobile device use. Allowing people access to their home and devices anywhere and at any time, on their own terms is what "connected" means these days!

Are These Smart Home Devices Safe?

Yes smart home devices are safe. With a connected home, you can make the most out of your devices. Smart appliances and smart home devices are perfectly safe and can be used like regular items or connected to the internet for extra smart technology features! Smart home devices are a great way to give you the convenience of being able check on what's going within your home and use voice commands or remotely control devices from anywhere. Campad electronics has big brands to give you total peace of mind when buying online here.

What Are Smart Plugs

What exactly are smart plugs and what are their functions? Homeowners can manage everything from energy consumption to home security with smart home devices. However, making the switch to a totally automated house can seem daunting. Homeowners can use smart plugs (also known as smart outlets or smart sockets) to transform any appliance into a smart device and because they are able to operate independently, smart plugs provide an easy-to-use entry to the world of home automation. Once you discover how many smartplugs can be used in your home, the benefits will be clear. You'll start to realize that making your home smarter is not only convenient and fun but it's so easy!

What Are Uses For Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are a great way to make your life easier and more efficient. These small devices turn any regular light or appliance into an internet-connected device that can be controlled through the app on your smartphone, eliminating the need for additional hardware like hubs and controllers in most cases! Some examples of smart plug capabilities include: energy monitoring; controlling other devices such lights, dimming low brightness LEDs close by when we’re reading at night time

Devices can be controlled with smart plugs in so many different ways. For example, homeowners have come up with creative solutions for controlling their home's lighting or heating and cooling systems! When you combine a smart plug with smart light bulbs, you can save energy, control lights remotely, and enhance security by turning lights on while you're gone.

Connect your coffee maker to a smart plug and set the time for it turn on, so you can wake up in the morning with fresh brewed hot cups every day. You could also program this device so that once its brewing cycle ends - either automatically or by user input-the pot will shut off until next programmed setting!

Another typical usage for smart plugs is to schedule your slow cooker to turn on at a specified time of day so that dinner is ready when you arrive home.

What Are Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs can do so much more than a normal light bulb! These devices wirelessly connect with your phone app for endless possibilities. Here are just some of the things smart bulbs can do. There are a number of different types of smart bulbs on the market, but one thing they nearly sall have in common is that you can dim their brightness without installing additional hardware. Simply screw them into lamps or chandeliers and adjust on the app with your phone PC or tablet!

If you're looking for a way to make sure your home never looks empty, consider using these smart light bulbs. They'll let you dim the lights when necessary and they also come equipped with scheduling features which allow users ultimate control over their schedule - perfect if you're on holiday or out running errands!

Device grouping allows you to combine your smart light bulbs with other smart devices for seamless control through a single tap on your smartphone, while voice control lets you to use simple voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant to dim your lights and set the perfect mood for movie night.

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