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iPhone 6S LifeProof Cases

iPhone 6 LifeProof Case

Now you can take your mobile into the toughest environments with the Fre, Fre Power and Nuud iPhone 6S cases. They are waterproof and are submersible up to a depth 6.6 feet (aprox 2 metres), are dirt proof, snow proof and drop proof up to 6.6 feet or two metres. These cases actually meet military specifications or MIL-spec standards. Each case is tested at the factory to ensure a leak-free fit.

The most practical, lightweight and protective cover you will ever need. Let's face it, we drop, knock, scratch, dent and do all sorts of nasty things unintentionally to our phones. These bumps often occur, when we are trying to use our mobile in a situation that is not a standard test environment. And the great thing is, the solution is slimline, lightweight and unique compared to other cumbersome bulky options available on the market.

Make staying connected with your phone even easier by pairing Fre, Nuud or Fre Power Case with LIFEACTIV accessories. From the dashboard to the handlebars and anywhere in between. WIth LIFEACTIV you can mount your handset where it can be used most on adventures with an easy to use QuickMount system.

The case is:
  • waterproof cover so no need to hide it in the rain
  • shockproof so protects easily from kids dropping it
  • full functionality whilst the phone is in its case - no frustrations
  • practical size without cumbersome bulky protection
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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Lifeproof Fre Case Black
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Lifeproof Fre Case Black
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Lifeproof Fre Case Black

Take your mobile wherever life may take you. Enjoy the highest level of water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof protection in an incredibly low profile with only a small 1.5mm increase in size to each edge! A thin neoprene film over the home button allows you full use of the device's Touch ID function.

Enjoy protection against every-day hazards have the peace of mind that the full IP-68 rating against water and dust, and is Military Specification design provides. You'll get a high degree of shock and impact protection as this cover has been tested to Military Specifications MIL-STD-810F-516.5 (2 metres/6.6ft drop on all surfaces and edges. 26 tests). The case is fully sealed protection against minute dust particles

The Fre case (pronounced Free) covers your device's touchscreen with a built in screen protector, that is ultra flat and ultra clear, so it's nearly invisible to the eye and to the touch. It is very thin and so clear, you hardly notice it.

The Nuud case (pronounced Nude) does not have an inbuilt screen protector and uses what has been deemed, screenless technology, your phone's screen is Nude. By using integrated gaskets, the Nuud forms a waterproof seal around the edge of your phone's screen. This seals the screen and keeps the phone waterproof, without needing for screen cover. You are able to directly touch your device's actual screen, which provides perfect clarity and touch.

Do you shove your mobile into a cluttered handbag, backpack or do you happen to carry your phone in your pocket with your keys? If you do and if you need the most comprehensive protection available, then opt for the Fre. Or if you believe that touchscreens are meant to be touched and you demand perfect visual and touchscreen experiences from your smartphone, but you still require the four proof protection, then select the Nuud case.

The Fre Power features advanced battery technology built into a sleek, four proof protective Fre case. This case provides Fre protection and protects against damage from water, drops, dust and snow, and due to the case's inbuilt backup battery will also double the battery life of your device. The lithium ion battery in the Fre Power case has 2,600 mAh of power that you can summon with the press of a button. Using smart charging technology your device will be charged to 100 percent, then charging will automatically stop. This saves power for later when it's required. There is also status LED lights that show how much battery life is remaining in the case's battery and this is shown in 25 percent blocks. Read CNet's review for further information.

You can also pair your Fre Power, Nuud or Fre with LIFEACTIV, the latest universal accessory range, that includes a low profile, locking QuickMount adaptor that securely adheres to the cases and, using a mechanical/magnetic system, connects to a variety of accessories for on the go use. Additionally the LIFEACTIV Belt Clip, Bike + Bar Mount, Multipurpose Mount and Suction Mount are all now available.

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